11 Amazing Mockingbird Facts for Kids [UPDATED Facts]

interesting facts about mockingbirds

Mockingbirds have been a subject of research for a very long time. These melodious little birds, which are no more than 10 inches long can surprise you with their intelligence. They are quite some performers. They love to sing passionately while jumping down from perches if possible.

They dance to claim their territory and chase away other competitors. If your kids are interested in knowing about different kinds of birds that they often see around them, you can start by telling them these amazing mocking bird facts for kids.

11 Interesting & Fun Facts about Mockingbirds for Kids That will Blow Their Mind

Are your little munchkins curious about the bird that is singing every night in your backyard? It might be a Mockingbird. These passionate singers go by the scientific name Mimidae. And here are some fun facts about these little mockers for your kids.

1. Mockingbirds truly justify their names

They are a great deal mimics who gather and memorizes sounds from their surroundings including animals like frogs, and other birds. They can also imitate foreign sounds from human habitats like those of machinery and other things.

2. They are aggressive

The researchers have found that these birds often show more aggressive behaviors in the environment that contains more lead in its soil.

They get very hostile and can attack anyone approaching them without any ill intentions. The best way is to not disturb their settlements if possible.

3. They are territorial

Mockingbirds are often known to be watching over their settlements. They do not allow any trespasser, be it other mockingbirds, other birds, animals or even human beings.

They attack instantly without giving much of a thought to their own lives. That is why they are often recognized as brave and possessive as well.

4. The procreation of The Mockingbirds

These birds are monogamous and the partners often mate for life. The females lay around four eggs at a time. The eggs hatch in almost two weeks and until then the females keep an eye on them.

There are seasonal breeders among them as well. They often fly south during their breeding season. The chicks can learn to fly within two weeks.

5. They are intelligent learners

These little birds can learn and memorize several noises and sounds. They can sing up to hundreds of songs. The male’s capacity to learn different songs can vary from 15-200.

They learn songs almost throughout their lives. The males are more passionate about the songs in comparison to the females.

6. Male Mockingbirds are more vocal

They are generally described to be diurnal like most birds. Some of them can stay up all night and sing until late. Male mockingbirds are often known to sing for a mating call.

Also, they sing more often than the female birds and they are often more loud than them as well. The young ones and the ones that got separated from their partners might sing all night.

7. Even in urban spaces, they like spacious settings

They make their nests in both natural and human-made environments. They find their habitats in places like grasslands, forest edges, desert edges, savannas, and scrub forests.

In human settings, farms, suburbs, pastures, parks, gardens, trees (preferably fruit trees), and bushes, etc. are the places they prefer the most.

8. These Mocker birds are omnivorous

They have diet preferences of both plants and animals. They love eating berries, seeds, and other fruits during falls and winters. In other seasons they have an appetite for insects such as flies, bees, mealworms, beetles, ants, and many more.

They tend to build their nestings near their food supply. People also build bird feeders for these birds as well.

9. It is illegal to pet a Mockingbird in the United States

The capture and domestication of these birds led almost to their extinction. They can cohabit peacefully in the human environment but not be imprisoned by them.

They like to be free and do not get tamed easily. The United States of America has declared it illegal to capture the species.

10. Mockingbirds are not very social

These birds are antisocial with the fact that they seldom interact with the other mockingbirds other than their mating partners. They are known to chase away their intruders.

The male and female mockingbirds chase away the other male and female mockingbirds respectively who tries to enter their breeding or food spaces.

11. Beliefs and superstitions regarding them

The birds are mentioned in many folklores, stories, and literature. They are often described as innocent creatures.

In some faith, it is mentioned that if one sees a mockingbird consciously or in their dreams, it either means that there might be an end soon of the prevailing situation or a beginning of something new.

People believe that they should go with the flow and stop making haste into everything when they spot a mockingbird.

Mockingbird Facts for Kids Video

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are mockingbirds called mockingbirds?

The mockingbirds are called so because they can mimic and copy the sounds and noises they hear from their environment both human and natural. They can differentiate between the sounds and can mimic different species of the same family.

Are mockingbirds intelligent?

Recognizing possible threats, competitors for food and habitats, breeding spots that they had visited earlier, and protecting their territories by attacking their intruders are some things that label them intelligent.

What do mockingbirds eat?

They have an appetite for both insects as well as fruits. They often turn to the vegetarian diet during winters and falls. They often prey on insects while the summer prevails.

What do baby mockingbirds eat?

Insects such as mealworms and crickets are what a baby mockingbird eats. They often do not require to have water separately since they gather much of the moisture from the food itself.

Can mockingbirds eat bananas?

The mockingbirds eat fruits of almost every kind and they love to eat bananas, apples, and berries of almost all kinds. You can offer them some banana slices and they might make regular visits to you.

How big is a mockingbird?

On average, a mockingbird is usually 9 to 10 inches long from its beak to its tail. The tail is longer than the actual body. The males are typically bigger than their female counterparts.

Where does mockingbird live?

They have a preference for open spaces like grasslands and forest edges. They can also make habitats in urban areas.

What sound does a mockingbird make?

They often copy the sound from their surroundings and according to the various researchers, they do not have their call. From urban machinery to different species of toads, they can mimic all.

How many sounds does a mockingbird make?

The sound range can vary from 15 to 200. These birds can copy several noises that they gather from around their habitats and keep all of them in their memory.

Where are mockingbirds found?

The bird is widely found in the continent of North America. They migrate to the southern states during winters. Southeast Canada, southern Mexico, and Central America are the places to look for them.

What are mockingbirds known for?

They are widely known for mimicking other birds, amphibians, and many insect species. Apart from the natural world, they can also mimic urban machinery and sounds from human habitats.

Can mockingbirds mimic humans?

Not as much good as a parrot would, but a mockingbird residing near a human habitat or a pet mockingbird learns to mimic few words of the human vocabulary.

What are mockingbirds afraid of?

They are not known to be afraid as such. They attack their intruders, including humans without giving a thought about their own lives.

Do mockingbirds recognize humans?

There is not enough evidence or research to prove that mockingbirds or for that matter any bird, can recognize humans. Although, the mockingbirds often recognize their possible threats in the form of humans.

Why do mockingbirds dance?

They often dance to claim their territories. The dance is often exhibited by the male mockingbirds to protect their boundaries and keeping the other birds including mockingbirds away.

How long do mockingbirds live for?

They have a short lifespan in the wilds, say 8 years but the captive and pet mockingbirds can live up to 20 years as well if good care is taken.

So these were some amazing mockingbird facts for your kids. Hope you enjoyed the article and gained some knowledge to share with your little ones. Remember to tell them not to try any mischief around their settlements as they get real cruel while attacking.

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