11 Surprising Statue of Liberty Facts for Kids [UPDATED Facts]

interesting facts about statue of liberty

The Statue of Liberty is the most famous statue of the United States and is known worldwide. It stands for the friendship between the two nations of America and France. They both were alliances during the revolutionary War and had the shared notion of attaining Liberty.

We have listed some Statue of Liberty facts for kids in this article for you to read and know more about this famous statue.

11 Most Interesting & Fun Facts about Statue of Liberty for Kids

The American Statue of Liberty is not originally American. The French were the ones who built it and gifted it to America as a token of their friendship.

The abolition of slavery in America was the biggest event that happened then. The statue was the representation of Freedom and Liberty.

1. The original name of the statue

The famous American Statue of Liberty has a real name. It is Liberty Enlightening the World. It is also referred to as Lady Liberty and is the oldest statue in the United States.

It outwits the Abraham Lincoln statue by 34 years. The statue is a national treasure and is visited by millions each year. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of inspiration, freedom, and hope.

2. A French sculptor designed it

As much as the statue is famous worldwide for being the symbol of America, it is interesting to know that it was designed by a French sculptor named Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. It was a gift from the French to the people of the US to commemorate the independence of America.

It shares the notion of liberty that the two countries fought for. It is also the symbol of the friendship between the two nations who were alliances during the war.

3. It guides us to freedom

The statue which is inspired by a Roman goddess is the leading lady that shows the path through the torch she holds and leads us to the way towards freedom. It seems like she is standing but she is moving forward as her foot is in mid-step.

It has broken chains and shackles on its feet which shows her breaking away from the shackles of slavery. It represents freedom from servitude and tyranny and the abolition of slavery.

4. Height and weight of the statue

The statue originally is 151 feet 1 inch (46 meters) tall. It looks taller due to the pedestal on which she is standing. The pedestal is 154 feet tall.

This pedestal was made in America itself as the French government paid for only the statue. The people of America came together for its funding.

The total height from ground level to the top of the torch is 305 feet and 1 inch (93 meters). The height from feet to the top of its head is 111 feet and from the top of the head to the top of the torch is 40 feet.

The statue is 250,000 lbs. (113.4 tonnes) of steel and 62,000 lbs. (27.22 tonnes) of copper. The pedestal weighs around 54,000,000 lbs. (24493.9 tonnes)

5. The original color of the Statue of Liberty

The green color that you see on the statue today is not her original color. It was originally of dull reddish-brown color because of the copper plates with which it was made. The copper oxidized with the environment and turned green over the years.

A layer of copper carbonate was created over the statue which protects the metal from further corrosion. It took almost 35 years for the statue to get into the green color at present.

6. The crown of the statue

The crown of the statue has 7 points. They represent the seven continents and the seven seas. It is also thought that it may represent the seven different kinds of freedom which are civil, national, moral, personal, natural, political, and religious freedom.

People can book tickets to visit the crown of the statue. It has 25 windows through which they can enjoy the view.

7. Climbing the Statue of Liberty

Climbing the statue to reach the top is not an easy task to do. It is only recommended to those who are healthy and fit as it is around 20 stories high. There are 354 stairs for the visitors to climb to reach the top of the crown and there are no elevators or staff assistance.

Children under the age of 8 years are not allowed inside. Each year the statue is struck by lightning multiple times due to its height and the metal it is made of.

8. The statue as the lighthouse

The Statue of Liberty, in its initial years, acted as a lighthouse and helped in navigation for the ships. There was some mistake in the calculations of the angle of the light through but it was later resolved.

It was then equipped with nine electrical lamps which provided light as far as 24 miles to the sea. It was the first lighthouse to have used electricity instead of kerosene which was used to power the other lighthouses.

9. There were protests against the statue

There was a grand welcome organized by the state of New York for the Statue of Liberty. There were fireworks and ticker tape parade organized which was observed for the very first time in New York City. But on the opening day of the statue, it faced protests from the suffragists.

The reason behind this protest was that the statue was of a lady and they could not take the image of a woman as a symbol of leadership. Women did not have the right to vote by then. It was after 34 years that they gained the right.

10. The statue can move

Since the statue is not a solid structure, it does move a bit when strong winds flow. Although the difference is of very few inches, it is still interesting right! On days when the wind blows at a speed of 50 miles per hour, the statue moves 3 inches in the direction of the wind.

The torch of the statue also moves about 5 – 6 inches. There is a skeleton of steel and iron pylon inside the statue that allows the exterior pieces of copper to move.

11. The designer of the Eiffel Tower helped in its making

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was not the only one who was responsible for its making. He was responsible for the exterior designs but the interior was built by Gustave Eiffel. This is the same man who later built the famous Eiffel Tower which bears his name.

He used to build bridges earlier. After the making of the Statue of Liberty, he was inspired by it and proposed the construction of the Eiffel Tower.

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Quick Facts about Statue of Liberty

  • Official Name: The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World
  • Location: Liberty Island, New York, U.S.
  • Dedicated: October 28, 1886
  • Height: Copper statue (to torch)- 46 meters | From ground level to torch- 93 meters
  • Sculptor: Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi (French)
  • Annual Visitors: 4.5 million (in 2016)
  • Seven rays in the crown represent the Earth’s seven seas.
  • The statue commemorates the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence.


How much does the statue of liberty weigh?

The statue of liberty weighs 450,000 pounds.

How tall is the statue of liberty?

It stands 305 feet and 1 inch tall.

How many stories tall is the statue of liberty?

The statue of liberty is 20 stories tall.

How many steps in the statue of liberty?

There are 354 steps for you to climb to reach the crown of the statue.

How many spikes are on the statue of liberty’s crown?

There are seven spikes on the crown of the statue of liberty.

What is the statue of liberty made of?

The statue of liberty is made of copper.

What does the statue of liberty represent?

Originally, it promoted the friendship between the people of the US and France since they had a mutual desire for liberty. It represented the liberation of the slaves in America and was inspired by the French to admire Abraham Lincoln.

Who designed the statue of liberty?

The statue was designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. The metal framework was built by Gustave Eiffel. It was a gift from the French to the US people.

Where did the statue of liberty come from?

The statue was built in France and was shipped from there to the US in crates.

Why did France give us the statue of liberty?

French gifted the statue of liberty to the US to respect the bond of friendship between the two nations.

What book does the statue of liberty hold?

The statue holds the tablet of law in its left hand which is inscribed with the date of American Independence.

What is written on the statue of liberty tablet?

(JULY IV MDCCLXXVI) July 4, 1776, which is the date of the American Declaration of Independence is written in Roman numerals on it.

What does the torch on the statue of liberty represent?

The torch on the statue of liberty is the symbol of enlightenment. The torch lights up the way and shows us the path to liberty and freedom.

How long did it take to build the statue of liberty?

The statue of liberty was finished after 24×7 working of the crews for nine long years. It began in 1875 and was not completed until 1884.

What color is the statue of liberty?

The original color of the statue of liberty was a dark-brownish metallic color. It began to change its color thereafter and is currently green in color.

When did the statue of liberty turn green?

The color of the statue turned green because of the oxidation of the copper metal due to exposure.

What does the statue of liberty wear on her feet?

The statue of liberty wears open-toe sandals on her feet. There are broken chains and shackles as well on her feet representing the abolition of slavery.

So these were the mind-blowing Statue of Liberty facts for kids. We hope that your kids have gained some knowledge about this national heritage which is a real treasure of the country.

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