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A preschool is a new beginning for a child. It is his first time when he is away from his family, for even a brief period of time. For him to be happy instead of scared, afraid or hesitant in such a situation, the preschool that he goes to has to be really good.

But how can parents ensure that they admit their child in the right preschool. In order to find out How to Choose the Best Preschool for their Child, parents can read our article. It will them understand how to select the best preschool for their child. Also, many parents tend to get confused between preschool and nursery school, so in order to clarify their doubts they can also read our article Preschool versus Nursery School.

All these articles will help them clear their perception about a good preschool and how important it is.

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EuroKids is one of the popular preschools that a lot of parents want to know about. So, in this article we will do a Euro Kids Review to help them get proper information about this school.

About Euro Kids (Parents Need to Know!)

EuroKids preschool was launched for the first time in 2001. It has now become a network of many schools across more than 300 cities in India. It is also spread across different countries of the world. This group of preschools has won more than 18 awards and is trying to set a new standard by REINVENTING EDUCATION.

EuroKids preschool follows the “Child First” philosophy and it also has a new-age Mindful Curriculum. This curriculum stresses on the importance of the concept of Play, Learn and Grow. This ideology stresses on the importance of learning crucial life skills through the process of exploration and discovery.

EuroKids also use many scientifically designed games, toys and technology in order to make the process of learning fun and engaging for young children. The school focuses on the child’s overall welfare and growth.

Is EuroKids Really The Best Preschool in India as They Claim?

EuroKids maintains that they are one of the best preschools in India. They say that they are equally famous amongst both parents and children. But is that truly so?

So, Let us find out the truth in this Euro Kids Review. Based on what you read the parents can themselves judge about whether EuroKids is really the best preschool in India as claimed by them or not.

What We Like

  • EuroKids concentrates on providing a relaxed ambiance to the children when they step out of home and are on their own for the first time.
  • EuroKids also pays attention to ensuring that the entire preschool compound is secure, sanitized and joyful for the child.
  • EuroKids also has an icon of its own named ‘Buddy’, which is a rabbit. He acts as a friend, guide and fun partner for little kids when they come to the EuroKids Preschool.
  • Parents feel better when they know that their children have an emotional support and they will not feel abandoned in this situation, which happens basically because Buddy acts as a best friend for them.

What We Do Not Like

  • School authorities sometimes tend to misbehave with those parents who are unable to pay fees or other monetary payments on time, due to some issue.
  • Some parents also complain about the rude behaviour of the office staff.
  • Certain parents also feel that the extracurricular activities conducted by the school are not enough or up to the mark.

Parents to please note that whatever pros and cons have been discussed above are singular instances; restricted to particular outlets and in no way reflect the wholesome EuroKids school organisation. So, whenever you visit a branch of the school, the same might or might not happen with you. Kindly use the information as just a caution.

Further ahead in the EuroKids review you will read about the teaching staff and quality, infrastructure and facilities provided by them and also about the transport facility provided by EuroKids.

The review will also tell the parents about the admission process and fees structure of the EuroKids. It will assist the parents in deciding whether they want to choose EuroKids for their child’s early education or not.

Teaching Staff and Teaching Quality at EuroKids

EuroKids caters to more than 1000+ preschools and it has been operational for almost twenty years now. EuroKids follows the ‘Eunoia – Child First ideology’. In it, they believe that the innocent and pure mind of a child is the best origin of everything. Their curriculum is totally based on the whole merger of the mind, body and soul.

The school’s teaching quality depends on its curriculum and it includes many other things than just reading, writing and counting numbers. It also comprises songs, dance and various other ways to become skilled at, nurture and learn different concepts at their own pace.

More than 3,00,000 lakh students have been a part of EuroKids and this pedagogy and all of this cannot happen if the school does not have an able teaching staff and the quality of education offered is not first class.

The teaching staff at EuroKids is very friendly and loving. They talk to the children in a very patient and calm manner, and do not get agitated or troubled even if they repeat the same thing again to make the children understand it better.

All the teachers are well versed with the entire curriculum and teach the children through a mix jumble of different games, activities and dances. They create a safe environment for the child, so that he is not hesitant to come to school and when there doesn’t miss his home. By the hard work and efforts of the teachers, the child, kind of, starts to think of the school as his second home.

The entire staff (including teacher’s assistant, office and administrative staff) is very affectionate and kind towards the young kids. They help them as well as their kids in whatever capacity they can.

Infrastructure and Facilities Provided by Euro Kids  

EuroKids provides hygienically clean and safe environment to its kids. The school authorities have put in place many security measures for the protection of young kids. They have also installed many CCTV cameras in the school compound. Regular fumigation and pest control is done of the campus.

Ample space is provided in the school campus for the kids to be able to do many physical outdoor activities. They also have an audio-visual area to keep the children engaged as well as happy.  EuroKids also has a special library for its students to enhance their reading habits. The books in the library are all age-appropriate.

All the campuses or compounds of EuroKids are located in serene and quiet areas. The classrooms are all coloured in beautiful colours to excite young kids. This colourful charismatic environment encourages and excites the kids and makes them want to spend more time in the school.

EuroKids also provides transport facilities through vans. They have proper pick and drop facilities. The vans are GPS enabled, have fire extinguishers and compulsory female attendants, who are supposed to be with the children every time they travel.

EuroKids vs. Your Nearby Preschool, Which One Should You Go For?

Before admitting their child in any school, parents like to compare and see the different options. They wish to see which preschool is the best for their child. So, we compared the different preschools with Eurokids and found some variations, which have been discussed here.

The most basic one is the distance. As EuroKids has too many outlets so it tends to be more easily accessible to the parents as compared to the other preschools.

The next important point is the proper compound and playground. Eurokids has proper playground and big, airy and colourful classrooms for your little ones. The spacious ground and classrooms gives the kids ample space to run and play around. Many other preschools do not have empty space or big classrooms.

EuroKids has an audio-video room for entertaining the kids. Through it they show different engaging stories, rhymes and poems for the children to have fun, generally other preschools do not have any such facility.

EuroKids has a mascot Buddy, which acts as a friend to the children and help them gain confidence; other preschools do not have any such mascots.

Parents should see all these points and analyse them carefully. Only after proper introspection, should they decide which preschool to finalise for their little kids.

Should I Send My Child to Euro Kids?

A lot of parents are hesitant about sending their kids to a particular preschool. All of them look tempting from outside but sometimes what is visible to the eyes is far from the truth. Schools like EuroKids look very amazing and say that they will be very beneficial for the children.

But parents must carefully analyse the whole situation and preschool. They can also take the help of our article How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child in order to understand the how to select the best preschool.

Parents can also use the following points before deciding whether EuroKids or any other preschool is the best option for their child.

  • Parents should think whether the preschool is providing the right chance for the child to grow in all aspects.
  • All the parents should consider whether the preschool is preparing and grooming the child for kindergarten and formal school or not.
  • The preschool that would be best for the child would be the one that enables and encourages his social and mental progress.
  • Children should be encouraged to visit the preschool and decide for themselves, about which one appeals and excites them the most.
  • Parents should see and analyse whether the games and activities being taught in the preschool will help the kids enhance their literacy and numeracy abilities.

If, based on the above points, the parents are convinced that the preschool (EuroKids or any other) offers the best facilities for their child, then they must enroll their child in it.

What is the Admission Process?

The admission process of EuroKids is very simple. It begins from January and is open till August.  The preschool also has a provision for mid-term admission, which is between October and December. However, for the playschool, the admissions are open for the entire year.

For the admission, the parents need to do the following:

  • Submit a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Three recent photographs of the child
  • Fill the admission form, which has some additional details that are required

Is there any Entrance Test for the Admission?

No entrance test (written or oral) is required for taking admission in the EuroKids School. The admissions are open most of the year. So, when the parents are able to submit the fees along with the relevant documents their child gets admitted in the school.

It is a quick and efficient procedure and does not require for any child to undergo any kind of test or procedure for admitting the student in the school.

Euro Kids Fee Structure

The EuroKids preschool fee structure comprises two elements – class fees and admission fees. The fee varies with each grade and the entire structure has been divided into four parts. These parts have been discussed as follows:

  • EuroKids Preparatory is the first grade in the preschool. So, its admission fee is Rs 15000 for the whole year and then the monthly class fees is Rs 3200/- per month.
  • The admission fees of EuroKids Nursery is 1,254/- annually and the monthly class fees is Rs 3,000/- per month.
  • The admission fees of EuroKids LKG is 5,698/- annually and the monthly class fees is Rs 4,400/- per month.
  • The admission fees of EuroKids UKG is 4,578/- annually and the monthly class fees is Rs 4,900/- per month.

Though, parents should please remember that the fee structure of any grade can change anytime subject to the school’s discretion. To know the correct, accurate and most recent fee structure they must contact the school directly.

Final Words

The Euro Kids preschool claims to focus on encouraging and building life skills in a child. They, apparently, enhance the creativity of a child and work on his wholesome development. They try to improve the notions, behaviour and sentiments of a child.

But these are all the claims that they make. As a parent, it is your right as well as duty to ensure that all these are truly delivered before enrolling your child in the preschool because it acts as a foundation in the field of learning for the little child.

Whether the school that a parent finalizes is EuroKids or not, you must ensure that it grooms your child and makes him more confident and increases his knowledge and learning.

Hope this Euro Kids review was able to answer all your doubts and queries related to this preschool. If you still have any more concern left, please leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you and answer all your queries.

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