[7 Reasons] Why Children Give Up During Early Schooling?

Children of today’s generation have very limited attention span. They need something new every day to keep them occupied. The education that they are given has to be also such that it keeps them alert, excited and on their toes because the moment they feel that they know a topic they get bored from it.

So, to prevent such a situation, whatever is taught them has to be constantly stimulating. It has to keep them engaged, only then will they be interested otherwise the children tend to lose interest and some of them even give up learning. They do so because they are no longer motivated or feel that have anything new or more to learn.

But, sometimes, situations are complicated and actions have to been taken accordingly, which at times makes children give up their schooling as well. So, in this article let us try to find out why children often give up during early schooling.

Why Children Often Give up During Early Schooling? [7 Big Reasons]

Each parent wants his child to get the best schooling and education and make the maximum efforts to ensure that it happens as well. However, sometimes circumstances are not in favour. At times the situation is such that, even if they don’t want to, the children are forced to give up their schooling.

Let us try and find out seven most important reasons why children are often forced to give up during their early schooling.

1. Children Get Bored

Some children also give up their education because they don’t find it exciting enough. Such children find what is being taught as boring, uninteresting and outdated. They do not like what they are taught by their teachers and easily get bored with it.

It could be because they already know what they are taught or because they do not want to learn. Children of today are very fast learners; they want something that is constantly evolving otherwise they get bored.

So, they tend to give up their schooling. Their boredom leads to them not going to schools and ignoring the lessons of their teachers.

2. Neglect From Parents

Young children who are neglected by their parents often end up giving up their schooling or education. When a child is not paid enough attention by his parents or guardian he ends up becoming careless or uninterested in his studies.

Such a child, when abandoned by his parents stops attending his school and classes and if the behaviour continues he completely gives up his schooling. The constant ignoring by one’s own parents makes one feel sad and in order to rebel or show disobedience in the off chance of getting one’s attention, the child gives up his schooling and learning.

3. Psychological Issues – Hesitation in Going To School Or Teacher

Certain children face many psychological issues. They feel hesitant and are at times scared due to certain reasons. Due to these reasons, they give up their schooling, at times. The reasons could be many.

Some such reasons could be that the child is facing discomfort with a particular teacher or is unhappy in the school. The child’s hesitation might persuade him to stop going to school and give up his schooling. Violent, rude or abusive behaviour of the teacher could be one of the rude causes for the child’s discomfort.

At times, certain things in the school also make the child anxious. These could be the games being played there or videos shown or the behaviour of staff or peers. All these reasons could act as a measure for the child to give up his schooling altogether or at times stop for some time.

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4. Too High Expectations – Pressure

Nowadays, parents place a lot of pressure on the minds of the young kids. They have a lot of expectations from them and make them feel as if falling short is not an option. In such a situation the child at times starts to dread going to school.

He begins to think that he will never be good enough so what is the point of even making an effort. With this kind of negative thought in mind, the child begins to hesitate from going to school or learning. Too much of pressure and such high expectations lead the child away from his learning process and he ultimately ends up giving up his schooling all together.

5. Recent Changes in The Child’s Life

If any major changes come in a child’s life, like changing schools or cities or leaving his best friend or death of a closed one then also at times hampers the child’s psyche.

Such an event can also disturb a child and probably force him to take some irrational decisions, like giving up his schooling.

6. Poverty

For one section of our society, poverty is one of the most important reasons why certain children are forced to give up their schooling. There are many children who wish to study and go to school but are unable to do so due to their improvised situation. These children are forced to give up their schooling early because of their sad state.

Even if they don’t want to, they have to give up their education as their parents or guardians are unable to afford to send them to school. There are so many such children and they feel sad and disheartened when such a situation arises in their case and it hampers their learning. But they have no option as they are dependent on their parents.

7. Parents Having Too Many Kids

Sometimes when there are too many kids in the house, then the elder sibling feel themselves taking responsibility of the younger ones. They feel that they need to help their parents and tend to leave their education from an early age and start working.

They want to support their parents, earn money for the family and their younger brothers and sisters. So, they leave their education and start working from an early age.

How do I Stop My Child from Giving Up?

Good and proper education for a child is every parent’s dream. But, today, in this changing world, more and more children are moving away from their studies. They are getting disillusioned and do not want to study, at all. In this difficult scenario it becomes a parents’ job to bring the child back in the world of education and to stop him from giving up schooling.

We just read about some of the reasons why children often give up their education in early age. Now, let us read about how a parent can stop his child from doing so.

1. Understand The Parents Fear

All the parents fear for their child’s future. But they should understand that pressuring a child will only harm him in the long run. They should refrain from putting too much stress on them.

If they do not do so then it will make the child’s mind lighter and he will be able to perform better in his way of learning.

2. Realise Why The Child is Bored

A parent should be able to understand and know when his child is bored. If he is able to do so then he will be able to give the child a break from his learning; making the child feel relaxed, when he needs it.

This will prevent the child from running away from his schooling and he will look forward to studying regularly with fixed intervals in-between.

3. Interaction With The Teacher

Regularly talk to the teacher of your child and find out where he is lagging in his education. As a parent, constant interaction between the parents and teachers is essential.

This makes it easier for both of them to understand the status of the child’s learning process. This helps them understand and assist the child in his learning. It ensures that he stays interested in his learning and does not give up going to school under any circumstances.

4. Lower The Expectations

Parents should, primarily, lower their expectations from their child. They should not put any undue pressure on him or scold him unnecessarily. This will ease the strain on the child’s mind. He will be able to perform better and be encouraged to continue studying and not give up his schooling.

5. Know About The Changes At School, If Any

Parents should try to find out if there any new changes at school. They should also try to learn and gauge how the change is affecting their child. Some changes are positive but they might affect the child in an adverse way.

This could hamper or encourage the child’s education. So, the parents should keep a regular tab on the changes that might encourage or discourage the child from going to school.

6. Talk To The Child

Parents should talk to their child regularly. They should understand and try to find out why the child is behaving in a certain way and wishes to stop going to school. If they regularly talk to him then he will be able to tell them his problem and what is disturbing him. This will stop him from giving up his schooling completely.

Why is Early Education Important?

Early childhood education is of highest importance for the young kids as well as their parents and teachers. It is the part in a child’s life when his brain is functioning at its maximum capacity and whatever he learns in this age and time tends to stay with him forever.

The concept of early education acts as a foundation for a child’s future development. It gives him a strong base and enables the learning of the cognitive, physical and mental abilities. This education also enacts as an indispensable building step in a child’s futuristic progress. What he becomes in his life depends on what he learns in his early childhood.

How Long Does It Take For A Child To Adjust in A New School?

There is no fixed duration of time that might take for a child to adjust in a new school. It also varies from child to child and also the emotional and mental state of the child. Some might take less time while the others might take more.

Also, the total amount of time that it takes for a child to adjust in a new school depends on the child himself and the support he gets from his friends, family, relatives and teachers. Whilst some children are at ease in a new school within the duration of some days or weeks, the others might need much longer time to adjust within their surroundings.

Final Thoughts

Most of the early childhood education experts suggest that small kids tend to perform best only when they are given a lot of love, have a chance to talk and play with their friends and their parents and teachers talk to them in a kind and friendly manner; otherwise they tend to do the opposite.

In certain cases, they might stop going to school and start giving excuses for the same. So, we need to work towards avoiding such situations as we all know how important early childhood education is. Hope this article was able to shed some light on that aspect and give you some assistance about what to do such a situation should arise.

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