Podar Jumbo Kids Review in [2024] Best Preschool in India?

Podar Jumbo Kids is a preschool of Podar group of schools. It has branches all over India. The Podar group has been operational since past 92 years in the field of education. It has more than 124 institutes spread across the whole country.

In this Podar Jumbo Kids review, we will discuss whether Jumbo Kids is really the best preschool in India, as they claim. We will also talk about the kind of teachers they have at Jumbo kids and the infrastructure and facilities provided by them. We will also do a comparison in order to understand whether Podar Jumbo Kids or a nearby pre-school, which one should you go by.

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This review will also tell you that should you send your child to Podar Jumbo kids or not and what is its admission process and that is there any entrance test for the admission and also update you about the fess structure of the school.

About Jumbo Kids (Parents Need to Know!)

The Podar group of schools was founded in 1927 by Seth Anandilal Podar. Its kindergarten and pre-primary branch is known as the Podar Jumbo Kids. They cater to children from the age of 2 to 6 years. The school follows a unique style of learning for each grade and age group.

For playgroup, i.e., 2 year olds, the school follows the Reggio-Emilia technique. It is quite a time-tested method, which is used effectively all across the globe. It promotes many ways through which a child can correspond and learn through practice.

For nursery grade, Podar Jumbo Kids uses the early year program. It focuses on the holistic development of a child with a lot of emphasis on the communication skills, creative expressions and their physical and self and social development.

For Junior Kindergarten grade, i.e., 4 year olds, the school teaches its students through the Steiner technique, which uses the 3 Rs – Rhythm, Reverence and Repetition. The technique comprises the kinesthetic activities, which are used to teach Math and letters to the students and Phonics and elocution to improve their speech and spellings.

Podar Jumbo Kids has its own set curriculum known as ‘kiducation curriculum’. The curriculum has three main elements, Hand-Head-Heart = Hand stimulation, head thinking and heart nurturing.

It also has the EYFS (Early Year Foundation Stage) curriculum framework of the United Kingdom. This framework describes how and what your child learns to support during his mental and physical development.

Is Jumbo Kids Really the Best Preschool in India as They Claim?

Jumbo Kids claims to be one of the best preschools in India. They claim to be very popular amongst both parents as well as their children. But what sometimes what we see or perceive is not exactly the truth.

So, let us do a reality check of what we like or do not like about the Jumbo Kids and based on that you can judge whether it is really the best preschool in India as they claim.

What we like

Podar Jumbo Kids is said to help the children express positive emotions and affections easily. They discourage the use of any kind of threat or punishment to the children; resulting in them becoming more confident and happier.

It is a very focused and motivated institution that is inspired by Indian culture and traditions. It follows principles such as honesty, integrity and service and tries to instill these in young kids as well.

They also use various kinds of props like puppets for teaching and promote muscle activities like sand games or scissoring action for improving the fine and gross motor skills of the children. They also teach regular exercise to young children and promote the concept of healthy living.

What we do not like

Podar Jumbo Kids is said to be exceedingly exorbitant and expensive as compared to other play schools of this genre. Also, along with the fees Podar Jumbo Kids is also, apparently, said to be biased towards children coming from richer backgrounds, which should never be the case.

So, even though it claims to be one of the best preschools in India, it has its own pros and con to it. So, one must still think and carefully choose before sending one’s child to this preschool.

Going ahead in this Podar Jumbo Kids review you will read about the kind of teachers they have, the infrastructure and facilities provided by them and also about the admission process and fees structure. This will help you in further deciding the course of action you want to take for your child’s early education.

What is the Teachers’ Quality at Podar Jumbo Kids?

The Podar group of school gives education to more than one lakh students. It also and has a devoted and faithful staff of more than 7600 people. This group of schools offers a lot of educational choices to the parents, like the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Cambridge IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

The teachers at Podar Jumbo Kids interact very politely with their students. They explain every topic and information in detail to the students. They also are gentle and sweet with young kids. Even if the children constantly ask them to repeat a topic, they do not get irritated rather explain it patiently and with a smile and calm on their face.

All of them are extremely tolerant, affectionate and assertive, which are all great must haves for teaching the students of this young age group.

Along with the teachers, other helping staff and counselors also do an amazing job at guiding and helping the students during their interactive sessions. All of them are suppose to be very deeply involved and quite interested in ensuring the kids’ wholesome progress and development.

Office and administrative staff is also very kind, supportive and helpful to the children as well as parents whenever they visit the school for any purpose.

Infrastructure and Facilities Provided By Podar Jumbo Kids

Podar Jumbo Kids provides the state of the art infrastructure at all of its institutions. Each centre of the Podar Jumbo Kids has a lot of space to conduct both kinds of indoor and outdoor activities.

In all the rooms and corridors of these schools, there is comfortable and beautiful furniture for the young kids. The furniture is child-proof and also is such that the children can easily access it. All the Podar Jumbo Kids schools are colourful, vivacious and immaculately clean.

Also, all the Podar Jumbo Kids schools have big playgrounds for kids to be able to run freely and play in. This gives them ample space to play, exercise and get proper sunlight too. This is done so that young children can enjoy their time at the schools freely and become healthier.

Some of the rooms of the Podar Jumbo Kids have been equipped with the latest technology, such as projectors, interactive white boards and even some ipads for introducing the children to the world of technology.

Also, a computer lab suiting the international standards has been created in the schools, especially for young kids. This lab is known as the Techno Whiz Kid Lab.

Podar Jumbo Kids Vs. Your Nearby Preschool; Which One Should You Go For?

When Podar Jumbo Kids was compared with some play schools of nearby areas, there were certain discrepancies that came to the forefront. The main ones have been discussed here.

The first and foremost is the distance. Podar Jumbo Kids is generally not located in every location as compared to the other preschools in the area. So, the distance becomes an issue for those parents who wish to send their child to a nearby school.

The next issue is the fees. As it is part of quite a big organisation, so the fee of Podar Jumbo Kids is much higher than any other normal preschool situated in the nearby area. This topic is covered in detail in the later part of the review.

Podar Jumbo Kids does have a computer lab for their students, which some preschools of your nearby areas might have while others might not. Computers help young kids to educate them in the field of information and technology.

Podar Jumbo Kids does seem to have a decent open play ground for young children to play in, which you must check whether your nearby preschool has or not as sports play a very important role in the children’s life. They help them improve their physical health.

So, parents should see the comparison between the schools and carefully analyse all the points. They should check everything. Only after doing so, should they decide in which play school their child will go and why.

Should I Send My Child to Podar Jumbo Kids?

In case of deciding a pre-school for your child, there is no correct option. All the schools, like Podar Jumbo Kids look lucrative but as a parent, one is hesitant about whether they are picking the right option for their little one or not. So while doing so, you must consider the following points.

  • Consider your child’s choices: Always consider your child’s choices and see what he wants and whether the school that you have selected offers his choices or not.
  • Distance from home: Do check how far is the school from your home. Young kids prefer to be near their home and it is ideal for them too. So, try if you can find a good school for your child in the nearby vicinity.
  • Teachers of the school: Interact with the teachers of the school and see if they will be able to give the best education and guidance to your child. The learning that they get in their primary years shapes their entire life so the teachers have to be the best for your child.
  • School’s atmosphere: Visit the school and ensure that its atmosphere and environment is full of positivity and happiness for the child to prosper in. A good and healthy school’s atmosphere makes a child prosper and confident and he is able to better express himself.
  • Classmates: Talk with the other students in your child’s class and also ensure that they will encourage a child’s growth and not hamper it in anyway.

If all such criteria are met in the positive manner then only you should consider sending your child in the respective school. This could be Podar Jumbo Kids or any other school that matches all the points discussed above.

What is the Admission Process of Podar Jumbo Kids?

The admission process of the Podar Jumbo Kids is quite simple and easy. Parents can simply walk to the admission office of the school and from there pick up the Podar Jumbo Kids registration kit.  They have to then fill the application form completely and along with a cheque for the fees of the first term submit it to the school’s office.

Only after the complete fee of the first term has been paid, will a child be considered as a confirmed student of the Podar Jumbo Kids School. While submitting the form for a child’s admission, the following documents are to be submitted, by the parents, as well.

  • Photocopy of the child’s birth certificate and Aadhar Card (if applicable)
  • School leaving certificate of the child, if applicable (can be submitted later, as well, if currently unavailable)
  • The Unified District information System for Education (UDISE) Number from the current school (applicable for admissions from grade 1 onwards)
  • Photocopy of the previous and current class’s Report Card (applicable for admissions from grade 1 onwards)
  • Photocopy of the parent’s Aadhar Card and Pan Card (original also need to be carried along for verification)
  • 3 Passport size photographs of the student

Is there any Entrance Test for the Admission?

At Jumbo Kids School, no entrance test or interview is conducted for the children. All the students are admitted on the basis of first come, first serve option. Whoever comes first and submits the form along with the relevant documents and first term fees gets admitted in the school.

None of the students have to go through any kind of entrance test or long or detailed procedure for taking admission in the school.

Podar Jumbo Kids Fees Structure

The Podar Jumbo fee structure comprises few elements. But before paying the fees of their child, the parents have to pay the enrolment fees, which is Rs 2000 and purchase the Admission Kit costing Rs 3900.

The entire fee structure of the Podar Jumbo Kids includes the three elements – Admission Fees, Tuition Fees and Term Fees. The fee varies a little when it is the case of a new child as compared to the regular student. The whole fee structure has been divided into four parts, which is as follows:

  • Jumbo Kids (Nursery) whose total fees for a new student is Rs 32,625/- and regular student is Rs 30, 450/- per year.
  • Jumbo Kids (Jr. Kg. & Sr. Kg.) whose total fees for a new student is Rs 35,250/- and regular student is Rs 32,900/- per year.
  • Jumbo Kids Primary (I-IV) whose total fees for a new student is Rs 39,750/- and regular student is Rs 37,100/- per year.
  • Jumbo Kids Secondary (V-X) whose total fees for a new student is Rs 44,625/- and regular student is Rs 41,650/- per year.

However, parents to please note that the fee structure of any grade can change anytime subject to the school’s discretion. To know the exact, precise and latest fee structure they must contact the school directly.

Final Words

Podar Jumbo Kids seems to be a school that is in tandem with the latest changes that are coming in the field of education and technology. It also seems to be inspiring the children to become more positive, happy and confident.

But we must be aware of all the things that seem too good to be true. Parents need to think on all the aspects before they finalise which school should they send their little kids too. Whether it is Podar Jumbo Kids or any other, it should just help them grow and progress on all aspects.

Hope you liked our Podar Jumbo Kids review and it will help you in deciding whether Podar Jumbo Kids is the best school for your child or not.

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