10 Best Vocabulary Books for Kids of All Ages in [2024]

Vocabulary plays a very crucial part in the field of education. It helps a child in learning to read and write. Like, when a child starts to identify the image and letters of a book, he/ she also tries to speak the sound of that letter and then the word.

Gradually, when he understands that he knows the word quite well, like CAT, he is able to read it properly and that too with self-confidence. However, what about when a child comes across a word or image that he does not know or has never seen before.

Well, in that case his self-confidence might shake a bit, and he might start feeling insecure. Well, such are the cases when vocabulary books for children come handy. Not just young kids, older children also, at times, come across a situation when they are unable to speak a word that they do not know the meaning of or have heard.

Must-Have Vocabulary Books for Kids To Build a Strong Vocabulary

Having a good and creative vocabulary is very important for learning how to read. But sometimes, we do get confused about how to find interesting ways to teach our children. So, in order to find some fun and effective ways to teach our kids, you can go through our article titled Fun and Effective Way to Teach Kids.

At times, we want to buy some toys and books for young ones that are fun as well as teach, so for that you can take help of our article Best Alphabet Learning Toys and Books for Kids.

Today, we will study about the Best Vocabulary Books for Kids that will teach you how to inculcate vocabulary development in your child’s future learning plans.

However, before moving forward, let me talk to you about our number one choice and best value pick of a vocabulary book for the kids.

Our #1 Choice: First 100 Words, It is a very colourful board book, whose pages are made of tough cardboard so they cannot be torn easily. It has a huge range of simple words.

Best Choice for 3-6 Year Old Kids: Banish Boring Words, This book has a list of 40+ words. It will help a child learn these words, understand their meaning and know the words with similar meanings too.

Best Choice for 7+ Year Old Kids: Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary, It is a must-have for every growing child to be used in school as well as at home.  It has images, along with the words and their meanings too.

Now, let us learn about the ten must-have vocabulary books for kids.


1. My First 1000 Words

It is an early learning book for young kids. It teaches them small words, which will be easy for them to remember and understand, as well. This book has words starting from all letters, of different shapes and colours, names of different means of transport, professions, parts of human body and the object around us.

Also, all the content given in this book is age-appropriate and hence the children are able to learn the words easily, which brings them a lot of joy.

How this book helps in learning?

All the words given in this book help a child in expanding his vocabulary. The book also has an index in it, which makes locating any particular word quite easy. Many small activities given in the book help the children revise what they have learnt, as well.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 2 to 4 years
  • Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5


2. Blossom English Vocabulary Book

This book has a range of itself which is quite apt for children. This is quite an interesting book, which enhances the word power of a child to a huge extent. It has many exciting activities that tend to keep the child engaged.

The entire book is written in a very simple manner, which makes it very easy to understand.

How this book helps in learning?

This book helps a child in build his vocabulary by upgrading his linguistic skills through a series of topics, like spelling, words and their meaning and singular and plural words, as well. The book also helps a child in improving his/ her communication skills.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 5 to 10 years
  • Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5


3. First 100 Words

This book is our number one choice among our list of the top ten must-have vocabulary books for kids. It is entirely made on soft padded board, which makes it the best first word book to be given to a young child or baby. Due to it being made of board, the child will not be able to destroy the book in any way, easily.

Through this book, your little one will learn to read, speak and write new and small words. All the words given in the book are those that are used in our daily lives. Through this book, the child himself will be able to look at the picture and understand the word and then speak it, as well.

How this book helps in learning?

This book will help the child in learning vocabulary with the help of its many beautiful images. The big font sizes of all the words that are written make it easier for the kids to read the word. It has more than 100 images and words for a child to see, be able to read and learn.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 2 to 5 years
  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5


4. 10 Minutes a Day Vocabulary

This book helps a child become a master in vocabulary if he/ she spend just 10 minutes reading it, every day. It acts as an ideal beginning for youngsters to enter the world of words. It has many games and small tests in it, which will help your child in improving his spelling and pronunciation skills.

The many games and tests given in this book are quite interesting and innovative and children tend to enjoy them a lot. They take very less time, so it is like maximum benefit in minimum time.

It has many timer clock tests that you can give to your child by setting a time limit, which will tell them the progress they have made and how much more they have to learn. Each topic has many ten minute activities, like synonyms, words, their meanings and verb endings.

How this book helps in learning?

This book helps the children in learning new words every day. It has a Parents’ Notes Section in it that has answers to all the activities. It also explains all the basic mistakes that the children might make and has suggestions about how to avoid such errors.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 7 to 11 years
  • Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5


5. Banish Boring Words

This book is our best choice for 3-6 year old kids from all the given option of vocabulary books. It is a must have book for every growing child. This book has amazing similar words or synonyms for regular words, such as good, nice, particular, etc. The book has various chapters that deal with the words on a particular topic.

This book can also become a best vocabulary book for young children as it is able to create an impression in a child’s mind that he will not be able to easily forget the words that he has learned through that book.

It helps the children find just the right similar word for any word they want. It, in turn, help improve their vocabulary.

How this book helps in learning?

The book helps the student in learning by giving them a chance to enlarge their vocabulary through its carefully arrange list of words in different columns. It also helps them with the various grammar topics, like Action Verbs.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 3 to 6 years
  • Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5


6. Blippi: First Words

It is a photographic board book based on the very famous YouTube sensation Blippi. He is an over-grown boy, who helps the children learn new words in a fun way. The book teaches the children the names of different things that they see each day.

Blippi makes understanding and remembering new words quite easy as it teaches them in an exciting way. He is such a favourite of children that the children will instantly remember whatever new word he teaches. Also, each word has a beautiful, colourful and bright image along with it.

How this book helps in learning?

This book helps young children in learning new words by describing every day things that are around them and they see every day. The book also help the kids learn the names of the various toys, clothing, colours, shapes, plants and animals. Also, the book has almost 60 words that are introduced to the children.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 2 to 5 years
  • Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5


7. Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary

This book is our best pick for the children who are above seven years of age. It is a children’s dictionary, which has more than 35,000 words with 3000 images explaining some of those words. It is a very good reference book for children to be used at both home as well as school.

All the entries given in the book have a proper definition, explanation regarding their spelling and ways to pronounce them. The book also has examples explaining how the relevant words can be used in a sentence.

How this book helps in learning?

This book helps the children in learning new words by way of many visual images. It is quite understandable and easily accessible. The book’s easy-to-read print help the young learners in remembering the words, quite easily.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 7 to 12 years
  • Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5


8. Daily Word Ladders

This book has more than 100 reproducible word study lesson plans, which lend a helping hand to the young children to boost their reading, speaking, phonic and vocabulary skills. After going through this book, the children will be able to achieve new levels in their speaking skills.

Activities such as climbing the ladders are given, in which clues are given on each step. The children have to read them and then rearrange the letters to make the correct words and reach the top while doing all this.

In this manner, the children will keep on improving their vocabulary skills and slowly and gradually become a master in the field.

How this book helps in learning?

The book helps the young teens in learning new words through the different fun-filled activities. It is an excellent source for developing speaking skills and improving the vocabulary skills of a child.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 8 to 14 years
  • Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5


9. 200 Must Know Sight Words Activity Workbook

This is an activity workbook. It has almost 200 sight words that a child should definitely know. In this book, the kids are able to learn and get to know new words. Space is given under each word for the kids to write, trace and practice.

The book has many fun and engaging activities for a child to learn from. The gradual increasing difficulty level of the book helps a child become smarter, as and when the book progresses. It also has a table of contents.

How this book helps in learning?

The book is a store house for learning new and common words for young kids. It teaches them the spelling of new words and helps them grow their knowledge of new words. It also acts as a great way to keep the children busy for a short period of time and help them learn new words too.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 5 to 8 years
  • Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5


10. Vocabulary Flashcards

Flashcards are a source that makes the process of learning quite easy and enjoyable. It makes the process of learning new words fun. The various cards can be used as games, where you can play with your child and help him learn new words, teach them their meanings and also ask them to make new sentences with them.

How this box helps in learning?

The box has words that are arranged in a synchronized order. All the word cards have their explanation, pronunciation and similar words written on them.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 5 to 7 years
  • Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5


10 Easy Tips to Build and Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary

For a child to become to the master of words, he/ she must improve his/ her vocabulary. So, here are ten quick and easy tips to do so:

  1. Talk in English: The more a child will hear new words, the more they will learn. So, to do that always talk and interact with your child in English.
  2. Read with your child: In order to improve your child’s word skills, try to read aloud books and stories with your child.
  3. Use name tags: Put name tags of things around the house. So, that the children keep on seeing them regularly and remember the names.
  4. Play game of words: Play different types of word games with your child, like I spy or scrabble. This will enhance your child’s word speaking skills.
  5. Write messages: Encourage the child to write small messages for their friends or family members. This will make them learn new words and practice them too.
  6. Use new words every day: Every day use new words that mean the same while speaking to the child, so that their knowledge increases and they are able to learn new words.
  7. Create a word ladder: Make a sticky note of a new word every day and paste it on a wall so that the children are able to read them and learn new words and revise the old ones.
  8. Word of the day: Give a new word to the child every day and tell them to use it as many times as they can while they speak.
  9. Play with words with your child: While talking with your child, tell them a new word and ask them to guess its meaning. Then, ask them to speak a word that is similar to the word given. Do all this in a fun and playful way.
  10. Pretend game: Play pretend game with your child and ask him to ask questions from their pretend friend and answer them too.

Generally, the best vocabulary books for kids are those that have a lot of images along with the words. This makes it easier for the kids to remember the words. It enhances not just their learning skills but also their observation skills.

These words are mostly those that are commonly used and tend to come up in our daily use and conversation. The best vocabulary book for children also tend to discuss many grammar topics, and have a list of many interesting and creative synonyms for regular boring words, like happy.

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