10 Best Alphabet Learning Toys for Kids in [2023]

The first time a child enters the world of knowledge is when he/ she learns about letters or numbers. Parents/ teachers are the people who, generally, introduce the children to this world of knowledge.

Each parent/ teacher does so in his/ her own ways but most of all the ways that they use comprise different types of hands-on activities that they do with the help of different kinds of books or toys.

Earlier we had talked about some of the Fun and Effective Ways to Teach Kids Alphabet and Fun and Effective Ways to Teach a Child to Write Alphabet. In this article, we will talk about the best alphabet learning toys and books. We will also be discussing about the product which has the best value.

If the children know their letters then they will be better express their thoughts. Nowadays, many alphabets and number learning toys for kids are available in the market, which will allow them to learn and express what they want to say in a better manner.

Parents can help children identify the letters through the abc learning toys that are quite easily available. This will help the child when he/ she starts school; otherwise they might fall behind when compared to the other children in his/ her class.

Best Alphabet & Numbers Learning Toys and Books for Kids

Some alphabet learning toys and books have magnetic backs and images in them. This attracts the children. Magnets and having fun with magnetic alphabet learning toys persuade the children to learn about basic magnetism as well along with the letters and numbers.

Playing with such different kinds of toys can engage your child and make him more interested in the field of science. Children are naturally inquisitive and magnets and different kinds of kids learning toys are just a lot of fun.

These toys will make the kids want to play with the alphabet. A lot of these toys would be appropriate for young children (like toddlers) too. While going through the entire list, it would be good if the parents pick up such toys that will grow with the child and he/ she is able to use them for some years to come.

Now, let us study about the different alphabet and number learning toys and books that are interesting and fun to play with and safe to use too. But before we go ahead, let us tell you about our number one choice and best value pick.

  • Our #1 Choice: Einstein Box – It helps a child in building a child’s focus and plays a great part in their learning process too.
  • Best Value Pick: Play Poco Magnetic Fun with Alphabet and Words – This is a very creative game, which has 64 picture magnets and 144 letter magnets in it.

Now, let us go ahead and check out ten best alphabet and number learning toys and games for kids.


1. Einstein Box

This box is the best toy for learning letters. It is our number one choice from all the available toys and books in the market today is the Einstein Box. It is a perfect gift for a child of three to six years old.

It has many fun and creative activities that help build a child’s Intelligent Quotient (IQ). These activities encourage the child to work more independently and help build his/ her confidence too. They also make the child more aware of his surroundings.

It acts as an amazing learning option for your little one as it is age appropriate and has many wonderful things in it. Like, this box has an activity book, painting set, puzzle box and many such interesting things in it.

How this toy help in learning?

The box helps a kid in learning new words and exploring new things, like a plant set-which helps a child learn how a plant grows. It has age-relevant themes and stories that are necessary for a growing child.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5


2. Fun with Words Puzzle

This is a fun-filled word puzzle box, which helps a child in recognising the letters and phonic sounds related to it. The letters given in the box also assist the children in making small words and improve their reading skills.

The box has one activity guide and book, which will help your child learn new words.

How this toy help in learning?

This puzzle box help the children in learning new words and improves his/ her concentration and observation skills, which in turn lead to building up a healthy brain and mind of the child.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5


3. Play Poco Magnetic Fun with Alphabet and Words

This game is a fun-filled box, which has many magnetic pieces in it along with a magnetic board on which all the pieces are placed. This product will provide you the best value at an affordable price.

It encourages the child to recognise different letters and make small words with them. Children can use these magnets to make new words or place picture magnet next to the related letter magnet.

The game box also has a magnetic board, on which all the pieces are kept. This product is quite pocket-friendly and will help and act as your child’s friend for quite a long time. It has a spelling guide in it too and four seal pouches to keep the magnets in, so that they do not get lost.

How this toy help in learning?

This product/ toy helps the child in the learning process by letting him match the object magnets with the letter magnets. He is also able to use the letter magnets to spell the words given in the picture.

Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5


4. Capital Letter & 123 Number Learning Board for Kids

It is a wooden colourful learning educational board for young learners. This game box includes two wooden boards – one of alphabet and the other of numbers. All the letters on this box are painted in different, vibrant and beautiful colours.

The game board is extremely safe for children as it is polished with non-toxic paint. The board helps the children in learning by promoting their hand-eye coordination, help them enhance their fine-motor and problem-solving skills.

How this toy help in learning?

This game board also helps the child in letter and colour recognition. It also help the child in identifying fruits, numbers, shapes and symbols, alphabet, animals, vehicles with their corresponding objects.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5


5. Number Fun 123 Puzzle

This game/ puzzle box is a simple and easy way to learn about the numbers and how to count. In the game, the children are bound to count the given objects and then match them with the corresponding numbers.

It has 20 two piece matching puzzles, and an activity guide, which tells us about the various games in the box, like counting objects, number order or sequencing, or a memory game.

How this toy help in learning?

The game box helps the children by enhancing their hand-eye coordination, number recognition, and image recognition skills. Through this game, the children will become experts at counting the objects and matching them with their related numbers.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5


6. Writing Fun: Write and Practice

It is a set of four fun-filled books, each containing minimum 16 pages. It has many beautiful images that help a child recognise and identify the numbers and write the letters of the English alphabet.

The books have small images of animals and things that are related with each alphabet. The fun-filled activities and tracing pages make the young children more and more ready for the upcoming future.

How this toy help in learning?

This book helps the kids in learning by improving their pencil control, counting ability and the skill to write these numbers in the space provided. Under each letter and number, at least two lines have been provided for tracing it.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5


7. My Activity- ABC Writing Book

Capital and small alphabets learning booksThis book helps to teach and amuse the young children with many grade-appropriate activities, which make the process of learning fun. All the pages of this book are dedicated to upper and lower case letters.

This book helps in learning and improving the writing skills of both the upper and lowercase letters by tracing them on the pages given. This alphabet book for kids acts as a perfect tool to make the learning of the letters fun.

This book is fun for letter practice and is printed on a very good quality paper.

How this toy help in learning?

The book helps a child in recognising the letters. It also help the children practice the sounds of the letters, as well.

The beautiful and lovely drawings given with each letter help the child remember each letter and build a strong foundation for early childhood education, as well.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5


8. Tracing Book for Kids Alphabet Letters Workbook

It is a very good and interesting workbook for teaching letters to your child. The book includes both upper and lower case letters. It has minimum 4 pages devoted to each letter, for regular practice. Along with each word, there is a picture as well for the child to colour.

Although, a bit expensive but the book is totally worth its price as it is very useful for a child in his primary years.

How this toy help in learning?

This book helps the child in learning the letters by providing the dashed lines, which will assist a child in tracing the letters and writing them well.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5


9. Wooden Colourful Learning Educational Board for Kids

It is a perfect alphabet toy for the toddlers. It is a wooden board that helps the children of nursery school to identify the letters and numbers.

The fascinating and beautiful board is full of numbers and letters made of different colours. It helps the child in letter and colour recognition and in developing his/ her motor skills.

How this toy help in learning?

This wooden board helps the child in recognising the capital letters and numbers. The board has small pictures stuck on it, which will assist the child in identifying the related words and place them in the correct places.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5


10. Wooden Train with Numbers Educational Toy for Kids

It is a very popular game among the young kids and one of the best toys for learning numbers. It is a lot of fun to play with and absolutely safe, as well. All the parts of this toy are made with 100% natural wood and water-based paint, so they are quite harmless.

The train has an engine and number-shaped bogies on the top. Each of the number has four sliding wheels, which makes the gliding of the train easy.

How this toy help in learning?

This toy helps the child in learning the numbers and inspires him/ her to arrange the numbers in sequence. The colours of the train attract the children too and make them want to play more and more with it.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5


Do Toys Really Help Children to Learn Fast?

Despite knowing everything about one’s child or student, still sometimes parents/ teachers wonder about which is the best option for them to be able to get their child’s attention. In such a case, putting a beautiful plaything, such as a doll or toy in front of him/her is the best option.

However, at times these toys are actually much more than just some option. The toys help a child learn fast. There are many alphabet learning toys, which can in fact improve a child’s attention and mental agility and help him become more alert, attentive and improve his/ her concentration power. Such toys encourage the child to be more independent and improve his learning, reading and writing skills.

The toys that are designed to make learning the letters and numbers fun and entertaining are considered to the best for young ones. Alphabet learning hints at a significant growth stage, which should start from early childhood life. It acts as the first step towards learning and reading.


Considerations When Buying Alphabet & Number Learning Toys

In today’s competitive world, when you walk into a toy shop, you see that it is overcrowded with colourful, beautiful and lovely toys. So, you get confused about what to buy and what not. A good toy is one that lets a child be a child and also inspires him/ her to learn and gain more.

So, while buying an alphabet or number learning toy for your child keep the following points (key factors) in mind:

  • Always buy a toy or book that is age appropriate for your child. Such a toy or book will not only let him/ her have fun but also mentally and physically challenge him.
  • Always ensure the safety of your child while buying a toy for him. Ensure that when you buy a toy for your child, it is safe for him to use.
  • Nowadays, children are mostly attached to phones and TVs, so try to get them a toy which will promote them to do more and more physical activity, like maybe jumping, running or dancing.
  • Always ensure that the toy that you buy help enhance your child’s sensory organs, like his/ her’s ability to touch, see, smell or taste. Like the toy should be such that it makes the child feel its surface, shape or colour.

Whenever you show a letter to a child, he/ she should be able to recognise it and tell the sound associated with it. Experts are of the opinion that the teachers/ parents should start introducing the letters to the children from an early age. They can do so with the help of the abc learning toys so that by the time the child is ready for school, he knows his letters.

The best alphabet learning toys for kids are those that are able to teach alphabet to the kids without much difficulty. If a child likes the toys then, he/ she will spend a lot of time playing with it and in turn learn and remember the letters too.

Some alphabet and number toys for toddlers also come in the form of puzzles. In the beginning, some children might have difficulty solving the puzzles but ultimately they all fall in love with them. When young kids start to play with the alphabet puzzles and toys, they enhance their hand-eye coordination and also improve their fine motor skills.

Puzzles are the best toys to teach kids alphabet. They, generally, instill a lot of tolerance in a child and also develop his emotional skills. They also help him understand how to handle complex situations with patience.

The alphabet and number toys of a child can also be used to teach other things like colour and shapes. We should remember that learning how to count and recognising different colours and shapes are also quite important and mostly all kids learning toys are made up of different shapes. So, they help us in teaching not just numbers or letters but also shapes and colours.

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