Why Parents Force Children to Meet Relatives? [7 Reasons]

Family plays a very important role in our lives. We are all inter-dependent on each other and family is the pillar that supports us. In the times of crises and happiness, we look towards our home for sustenance and the only factor that keeps us going is our family.

A family can never be judgmental. It will never harm you and will always be there to support you, no matter what. Family is the only constant in a person’s life and never deserts a person in times of happiness and need and family does not mean to be the immediate members of the household.

Our relatives also form a part of our family, especially in India, where joint family is the part of tradition and a lot of family members live together under one roof. So, in this article let us try to find out some good reasons why Indian parents force their children to meet relatives.

Why Indian Parents Force their Children to Meet their Relatives? [7 Good Reasons]

In India, family comprises all the people who live under one roof and also the extended relatives, who may or may not be blood relatives. These people affect one’s life, their marriage, career and other aspects of it. The children of today are becoming distant by the day; they are too busy in themselves.

So, these children do not like to interact too much with their parents, leave apart their relatives. However, parents have a different way of thinking. They want their children to interact and spend more time with their relatives and have their own reasons for doing so.

Let us discuss seven important reasons why Indian parents force their children to meet their extended family members and relatives.

1. Strong Emotional Connect and Support

Our relatives tend to provide us with a strong emotional connect and support. They give us assistance and help us, as and when needed.

They want the children to always have an emotional connection with their relatives and constant support for them, in their times of need and difficulty. So, they keep on forcing them to regularly meet them, even if they do not wish to do so.

2. Love and Warmth

Relatives generally love and dote more on the children than their own parents do. They are more warm and affectionate towards them. They tend to spoil them and pamper them a lot.

This is also one of the reasons why parents wish for the children to meet their relatives, so that they can enjoy the love and warmth being doled out. They want their kids to feel that love and warmth, which they themselves are, at times, unable to give due to being busy with their work and life.

3. Meeting Relatives Makes Kids Happy

Children are generally very pure of heart. They see the best in everyone and meeting those people who love and dote on them makes them very happy. They blossom with happiness on receiving the warmth and affection.

According to the Indian parents regularly meeting their relatives makes their children more and happier.

4. Relatives Act As Links When Needed

Sometimes, relatives do tend to act as links, as and when needed. When, at times, parents are trying to build a future for their child, like getting him admitted in a good school or college or assisting him in securing a good job, they need a little help or assistance.

In such a situation, our relatives come in handy. They help us in getting these jobs done. They do so by mediating in these situations or helping us finding alternate solutions.

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5. Guidance

Relatives, at times, act as a guide for the children. They show them the right path and tell them the difference between what is wrong and right. Children also tend to listen more to their relatives than their parents.

As relatives guide them with, love instead of being stern with them, so children agree more with them and understand what they say more quickly. That is also one of the primary reasons why Indian parents make their children meet their relatives.

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6. Able to Say What Parents are Unable to Speak

Sometimes parents use this trick of getting the relatives to say to the children what they themselves are unable to. They coax their relatives to, lovingly and affectionately, ask the children to accomplish what they wish to tell them but cannot as the kids do not agree so easily with them.

We all know that our children listen more to the relatives as compared to their parents. They would not answer back the relatives, even if they wish to, which makes the task easier. So, the children end up doing what they are asked to do by their relatives.

So one of the common reasons why parents constantly force their children to meet relatives is to get their own motives accomplished and tasks done.

7. Avoid Embarrassment and Inculcate the Importance of Sharing:

Parents always have a trump card up their sleeve and that is emotional blackmail. When all else fails, they all come back to it. They coax the children and tell them how it hurts them when they do not agree with them and do as they ask.

In this manner, they force them to accompany them and go meet their relatives, so that they do not have to feel embarrassed by their absence at family gatherings and functions. Being in the company of their children at family gatherings makes the parents feel proud.

They also wish to make the kids understand the importance of sharing things, which can only happen when they are in the company of the others.

These all are some of the reasons why parents force their children to regularly go and meet their relatives.

What Do Indian Parents Want from Their Child?

Indian parents are one of the most loving parents in the entire universe. They love their children a lot and are quite emotionally connected with them. They want their children to go with them everywhere. In the above paragraph, we read about how they force their children to regularly go with them and meet their relatives.

They do so because they all love and care of their children and are very proud of them. They want their children to be proud of their parents and respect and admire them, as well. They also wish for their children to be successful in their life and become a good and better person.

Such parents only want good things for their children. They want them to grow up and be a person they are proud of; a confident person who knows how to carry himself in a suitable manner and understands the difference between right and wrong. Indian parents want to act as a guide for their children so that they are able to do the things that are right and become self-righteous.

Often, the entire family, relatives and the whole clan comes together for ensuring the better future and prospects of the children.

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