How to Teach Hindi to Kids [13] Proven & Effective Ways

Hindi is a very beautiful language. It is our mother tongue and is spoken in the whole India. Hindi is read just the way it is written. It is one of the fourth most spoken languages in the entire world. It is a very ancient and beautiful language.

A lot of Indian local languages have come out of it and lot of foreign languages has words from Hindi in their language. But, nowadays, kids do not think it is important to learn their own mother tongue and parents also share this thought.

But knowing one’s mother tongue is a matter of pride. So, we should speak Hindi with full pride and teach our kids too. But in order to do so, we must think of some new and Creative ways of How to Teach Hindi to Kids.

So, in this article, we will study some creative ideas about how to teach kids Hindi. In this way, our children will also realise the importance of this great language and get excited to learn it.

How to Teach Hindi to Kids [13] Creative Ways

All the parents/ teachers have their own ways of teaching or mentoring their kids. Not all ways are successful though. Some ideas work brilliantly and some not at all. So, they often tend to get confused about what to do and what not.

Here, is a list of thirteen such ways which are proven and effective for teaching Hindi to young kids.

1. Conversation

Talk with your child in Hindi if you want them to learn the language. The more they hear, the more they will be able to understand, remember and speak Hindi words, in a proper manner. So, conversation is the best way to teach anything new; be it a language or its words.

Whatever young children hear they tend to repeat, so talking is the best way to teach them Hindi.

2. Name, Place, Animal Game

Play the name, place and animal game with your child by giving them a Hindi letter and asking them to speak a person’s name, name of a place and an animal’s name starting with this letter. This will help improve the child’s vocabulary and also assist in remembering new words.

Also, you can play the game with them by picking up a letter and speaking a name, place and animal name with it. This game will teach them many new words.

3. Picture Game

Show different pictures to your child and ask him/ her to identify the one shown and then tell the first letter of the picture’s name. Also, ask him to speak another word starting with that letter. This game can be played many times using different picture cards.

It will be a fun and entertaining game for the child and they will be more excited to learn this ways. You can refer to our article Easy to Learn Hindi Words with English Meaning in order to help enhance the child’s vocabulary.

4. Age-appropriate Storybooks

Giving age-appropriate storybooks to your child will help enhance his sentence speaking and reading skills. Children love to read different stories. They inspire and guide them morally. They also assist them to learn to read and speak the language in a proper manner.

So, giving them beautiful, vibrant and colourful storybooks will help increase their interest in learning to read the Hindi language. You can check out our article Must-Have Hindi Storybooks for Kids in order to find the right storybook for your child.

5. Alphabet Toys

All the children love to play with toys. So, if you give them different Hindi alphabet toys, then it will improve their word-making skills and learning capacity too. They will be very happy to get the toys and would wish to play with them.

In the process of playing, they will start to identify the letters and make simple words with them. You can check out our article Best Hindi Alphabet Toys for Kids in order to find good alphabet toys for your child.

6. Exercise Practice Books

Young children love to scribble. There are various cursive writing books available in the market, nowadays for them to do so. These books encourage the child to write the letters repeatedly. They will improve not only their letter-learning skills but also their handwriting.

Regular practice will make a child understand the letters in a better manner and write them in a beautiful way. Refer to the article Best Hindi Alphabet Books for Kids for finding the right practice books for your child. These books will definitely assist you in teaching Hindi to your kids.

7. Hindi Rhymes and Songs

Sing Hindi rhymes and songs with them and also show them the videos of the same. Young children love to sing and dance. So, playing musical rhymes and songs is the best way to teach them something. If you play a rhyme and then dance with your child on it, while singing the child will do the same.

This way they will remember the Hindi words that they hear for a long period of time and the rhymes too. So, the next time they hear the word or line, they will know its meaning and be able to speak it as well.

8. Paste Sticky Notes around the House

Write sticky notes with Hindi words on them and paste them around the house. Whenever your child finds the sticky note, ask him to speak out the word and also a word similar to it. Encourage the child to also speak a sentence with the word, if possible.

Finding such random notes will be a matter of pride and excitement for the children. If they find one, then they will be keener to find the rest. In this manner, they would want to continue playing this game and with each new note they will get to learn more new words and sentences.

9. Rewards

Rewards go a long way to encourage a child. They excite them. So, tell them that whenever they will speak a correct word or sentence, they will be rewarded accordingly. Awards and rewards always make a person keener to do a job so children would, in retrospect, be more enthusiastic to do something that will get them rewarded.

Like, if they speak a correct word, they will get a small reward but if they speak a correct sentence they will get a big reward. Or if they speak a correct sentence with the word given by you, then they will get a special reward.

10. Practice by Repeating with Them

Children learn more easily by repeating what they see. So, when they see that someone is doing exactly what they are doing then it becomes fun for them. So, one of the best ways to teach Hindi with the kids is practice writing or speaking Hindi letters or words with them or repeating the same words with them; along with telling them the meaning of that word.

Like, you can speak the word ‘कमल’and ask them to repeat after you. Then, you can ask them to speak a word and repeat after them.

11. Use Action Words in Hindi

Whenever you wish to tell your child to do something, tell them to do so in Hindi. In this manner they will constantly keep hearing new words, which will register in their mind. Some such words could be, chalo, khao, padhao, so jao, etc.

They will, also in retrospect, begin to use these words then, which will enhance and improve their vocabulary. This way of usage will do the work of registering these words in the minds of children and help them in learning Hindi language.

12. Random Dictation

Ask your child to randomly write any letter of Hindi alphabet that you have taught him earlier. You can ask them to write on board, paper or any other smooth surface. Different places every time will make this game creative.

This will make him or her pay attention to the letters while learning. You can play this game anytime of the day when he/ she is not studying. This will make him think and then remember the letter for the next time.

13. Use Salt or Semolina

Put some salt or semolina on a tray or plate and give it to your child. Ask him/ her to try and write letters in it. It will be a fun game and excite the child. He will be very keen to do this activity.

This will be a fantastic game to keep the child busy for a long period of time and also ensure that he is able to practice all the letters. This kind of creativity also keeps the child engaged as they are always looking for doing the old things in a new manner.

At What Age Should a Child Start Writing Hindi Alphabet?

By the age of 3 to 4 years, a child starts to hold a pencil and tries to write letters. We give a lot of importance to writing, which usually begins by the age of three. The mind also gets worked upon when a child tries to write because it is much difficult to reading or writing.

But, we should, as parents/ teachers try to be sensitive about the child’s progress as each child is unique and has his/ her own progress pattern. They all develop their gross and fine motor skills in their own capacity.

The manner in which a pencil is held is known as Tripod Grip and it gets developed properly from the age of 4 to 7 years. Before that the child is only trying to get that grip over his pencil. Another idea that is trending nowadays is, let the child do colouring before teaching them writing.

Letting the child get engaged in different kinds of activities, like scribbling or doodling will make her grip stronger.

Based on today’s teaching parameters, children by the age of three are taught letters, numbers and colours at playschool. They are given pencils to hold and begin to try the process of writing these numbers or letters.

Hindi Alphabet Books and Toys for Kids to Speed up the Learning Process

Learning is an ever-growing process. It never ends. But we always require the help of someone or some source in order to keep learning. There are different ways and sources that can help us in our learning process.

Each child has his/ her own pace to learn things. It depends on the child about how he grows and at what speed does he wish to learn things and also by taking the help or assistance by whom. Some children are able to learn on their own if they are given the different kinds of books and toys, while some others need the assistance of a grown up to do so.

Let us check out three different kinds of books and toys that will assist you in speeding up the learning process of your little ones.

1. Hindi Sulekh Pustak

This is a Hindi cursive writing workbook to help young children learn to write letters of Hindi language. It is an amazing book in which parents can help the children by holding their hands while they try to write the Hindi letters for the first time.

It has many exercises to help our young ones create their gross and fine motor skills and also enhance their ability to hold the pencil in a proper manner. The tracing exercises and pictures given in the book will help the young child in identifying the letters and subsequently words related to them.

2. Hindi Alphabet Flash Cards

These are multi-colour flash cards for teaching Hindi letters and words to young kids. The flash cards are quite big in size so the letters and words written on them are quite clear and visible. They are washable too, so they can be easily cleaned. These cards are perfect for revising the letters after teaching them to young kids.

The cards are two-sided; with one side having the letter and the other word related to it. The word will, over a period of time, help the child learn reading too. Also, the images shown on the cards are generally from daily life, so the child is able to easily recognise them.

3. Magnetic Wooden Hindi Alphabet and Matras

These are multi-colour wooden toys of Hindi alphabet and matras. They have magnet placed behind them so they can be easily stuck on any metal surface. These letter toys are a great way of learning and practicing the letters, matras and making words.

All the varna and vyanjana of Hindi varnamala are given in these toys. They help children identify the letters, put them in the correct sequence and make small words with them. Some children also try to imitate and write the letters by looking at the shape of the toys.

The toys are made of superfine wood and so are completely safe for little kids and also the magnet is quite well fitted, which makes the toys absolutely secure for our young ones.

Is It Really Hard to Teach Kids to Read or Write Hindi?

It is not at all difficult to teach kids to read or write Hindi. Learning a different language is always complicated. It is a difficult task but not impossible to do. Knowing a language is the best way to have conversation with a new set of people and most people in India speak Hindi.

So, it is kind of important to know Hindi and by knowing not just speaking but also be able to read and write it. Most parents, when trying to teach Hindi to their children, start teaching them how to write, which is a wrong way to go about it as it is most likely to confuse and scare them. This is especially the case when they don’t know how to speak or understand it.

So, you should always begin by teaching them how to speak and understand Hindi; once they are able to do so then they will be more eager to learn how to read and write the language.

Learning a new language is easier for the kids if you use the LSRW approach, i.e., Listen, Speak, Read-Write.

  • You can begin by making them listen to small rhymes or words through videos or audio or tell them these words.
  • Then, the next step would be to ask them to speak those words or rhymes aloud.
  • The third step in the approach would be to read out the words with the children aloud. You can even use flash cards, as help in this step.
  • The last step would be to try and write the words or letters that you have learnt.

So, this step-by-step approach would definitely help the children in reading or writing Hindi and make learning the language quite an easy task for them.

Why is it Important to Teach Kids Hindi Language?

It is important to teach kids Hindi language because it is our mother tongue and is spoken by most of the people in India. If you know the language then only you will be able to talk to common people of the country. It is important to teach the language to our kids so that they do not face any problem when they grow up.

Learning a new language is always a good option as it will be helpful in future to get good jobs, like you could become a teacher or translator. Being able to speak the language is always an added bonus when you look for a job. As a teacher, you can work in schools and as a translator you can work in various different countries or their embassies as well.

Knowing Hindi language will also boost the morale of a child living in a Hindi speaking country. He/ She will feel more comfortable and at peace if he is able to speak a language that is commonly known.

A Hindi speaking child will also be able to learn other languages, like Sanskrit and Urdu quite easily as they are also similar to it. Learning Hindi will also open the doors for a child to be able to speak many other languages.  So, in a nutshell learning Hindi is very important for a child as it will open new avenue for his/ her future prospects.


Many parents are nowadays struggling with the thought of How to teach Hindi to their kids. They wish to do so in a simple and fun way so that the children get excited and are eager to learn rather than thinking of it as a mandatory task. The best way to do so is by learning the sounds of the various Hindi letters.

Just like any other language, few consonants/ letter sounds are specific to just Hindi. You can begin teaching the language by helping the child understand the difference between these sounds. If the child speaks these letters in an incorrect manner then you should help him improve these flaws.

You can teach Hindi to your kids through the various ways mentioned in the article, like by playing different games or talking to your child in Hindi or with the help of Hindi flash cards. Basically, by the time a child turns 3 or 4 years old, he or she is able to start speaking Hindi or at least begin to try to speak in Hindi.

You can help the child do so through various alphabet books or toys mentioned above. We should always remember that learning Hindi is not at all difficult and as it is our mother tongue so we should speak it with full pride, confidence and happiness.

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