11 Best GK (General Knowledge) Books for Kids in [2024]

Since a very young age, children begin to ask questions. They are curious about everything around them, especially during the beginning years of their education; they want to know everything about everything.

General Knowledge is the most effective way to increase the IQ of a student. A good general knowledge book for kids can help them as well as the teachers and parents with that. It can give appropriate answers to their many insatiable queries and also assist and guide them in their early childhood years.

Nowadays, there are many different GK books for kids available in the market. You can see the kind of topics your child would want and also his age group; based on these you can buy the best GK book for your child.

Most Highly Rated (General Knowledge) GK Books for Kids of All Ages To Increase IQ Level

GK books helps your children learn and get to know about some of the general things, which are to know, across different subjects. The GK books for kids help them garner relevant information of the whole world. They make them aware of what is happening around them.

We have created a list of some of the best and most highly rated GK books for kids of all ages. But before we go through the entire list, let us see our number one choice and best choices, for various age groups, of GK books.

Our#1 Choice: Children’s Illustrated Encyclopedia

The Children’s Illustrated Encyclopedia is a beautiful picturesque book for those children who wish to find information on different topics in just one book. It has stunning images that act as a guiding factor for the students when they wish to improve their general knowledge on topics, such as astronomy, human body, nature and history.

Best Choice for 5-7 Year Old Kids: Nurture General Knowledge Books

This general knowledge book for kids has complete information and knowledge of our environment and things are around us. It ignites a child’s interest with the help of beautiful illustrations. It is one of the most amazing general knowledge for young growing kids.

Best Choice for 8-11 Year Old Kids: General Knowledge Genius

It is a wonderful quiz book for bright and brilliant children. Through the book you will be able to put your general knowledge to the test and surprise your friends, teachers and parents with your understanding and intelligence.

Best Choice for 12+ Year Old Kids: Children’s Encyclopedia

It is the fourth one in a five-book series. It has been made for young school-going children. The book intends to encourage and assist them to improve their general knowledge and become more intelligent and world-wise.

Now, let us study about the best General Knowledge books for kids that are available in the market.

1. Lift the Flap General Knowledge

It is an amazing book with a lot of different topics, which are full of wonderful specifics and information. Children seem to love this book as it helps provide food for their inquisitiveness. It has flaps to hide interesting things and children just love the inquisitiveness that such things provide. Its colourful pages also seem to attract the child’s attention towards the book.

How this book helps to improve GK?

This book helps in improving a child’s general knowledge by teaching them many fascinating facts, figures and concepts. It tells them many interesting things, like how many seeds do a pomegranate has or the name of the warmest sea of the world. It is very informative and has a lot of detailed information of all topics discussed in it.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 6 to 9 years
  • Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5

2. Children’s Encyclopedia

It is our best choice, from all the GK books for kids available, for preteen children. This book is full of descriptions and has detailed information about many innovations and discoveries that have happened. It also tells us about some of the famous scientists and inventors.

This book gives us knowledge of the entire world. It tells us about the inventions that have happened and the inventors who have done them. It also has small biographies on different scientists, which tell us about their assistance in the field of science.

The book also talks about important turning points in the field of human history such as the discovery of vaccination, electricity, airplanes and the invention of steam engines and cinema.

How this book helps to improve GK?

This book helps young children in gaining information about different scientists and their works. It is a very colourful book that has been written in an easy to understand language. The book is full of beautifully labeled images that give a lot of information to young children.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 12+ years
  • Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5

3. Lift the Flap Questions and Answers about our World

It is an interactive board book, which is quite apt at keeping the child busy. It has more than 60 flaps, full of all kinds of questions that small kids might have regarding the world and environment around them. These flaps will help them in answering their Whats, Whys, Hows, Whens and Whos.

It has apt, correct, and interesting answers to all their questions and gives simple ones to their topsy turvy questions along with the relevant and appropriate pictures. The content of this book is the perfect choice to satisfy the curious minds of young and growing children.

How this book helps to improve GK?

This book helps young children learn new things about many interesting topics. It also has beautiful images to attract the attention of young learners. It helps them satisfy their questions and find answers of them, by themselves.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 3 to 6 years
  • Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

4. Nurture General Knowledge Books

This is a combo of five books. It is our best choice for children who are 5 to 7 years old. Its aim is to encourage a child to become curious about the various things. The book deals with many interesting topics, like Human Body, Plants, Animals, Nature, Environment, etc. It also discusses, visually, how an average child spends his regular day.

This series also tells the children about the dos and don’ts of social behaviour and how they should act in front of others. It also talks about the different festivals celebrated by people of different religion, across India.

How this book helps to improve GK?

This combo of books (based on subjects – EVS, Good Habits, Festivals, Celebrations of India and Picture Dictionary) helps young learners by giving them small snippets of information on many topics. These small anecdotes of relevant facts do a fantastic job of keeping them busy and make learning fun and exciting for them. Its beautiful visuals appeal to the children and give them an excuse to repeatedly read the book.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 5 to 7 years
  • Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

5. General Knowledge Genius

It is a quiz book and our best choice for children who are of 8 to 11 years of age. The book helps them answer many difficult questions, like the longest river in Europe or how many stars are there in the flags of the USA. It has more than 60 topics in it and each topic is described in detail with the help of many stunning images.

The book has three levels of challenges for the kids – from starter to challenger to going up to the really difficult one, i.e., genius. If a child requires some assistance, then there are clues as well along with pictures and fun facts to assist in the challenge game.

How this book helps to improve GK?

The book helps young learners in improving their mental abilities by playing the challenger game and trying to solve the quiz. It is quite an entertaining book that has many images and photos and a lot of information to improve the understanding of the kids.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 8 to 11 years
  • Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

6. Space Encyclopedia: The Solar System and its Dwarf Planets

best gk books for school studentsSpace encyclopedia is a wonderful book. It has all the information related to the solar system and dwarf planets that a growing child would possibly want to know. The book has been written in an easy manner and covers different astronomical subjects, like sun, dwarf planets, meteorites, etc.

The book has a complete list of its contents that describe what all topics it has. These topics give excellent information about science and space and make the child excited to know about the outer world.

How this book helps to improve GK?

This book helps young children improve their GK by teaching them various things about the space, solar system and many small planets that are also a part of our universe. It helps them in finding answers to their queries related to the space and a lot of elements of the solar system.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 8 to 12 years
  • Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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7. Lift the Flap How Your Body Works

This is a very fascinating GK book that describes the internal working of the human body. It talks about the different bones, veins inside the human anatomy and also about the blood that runs through the body and provides information about the bacteria that exists in human belly button.

The book also has links that are from some particularly special websites. These links are of different activities and videos related to the human body.

How this book helps to improve GK?

The book helps young learners improve their general knowledge by teaching them new things about human body and its internal working procedures. It educates them about the different body organs, their functions and usage and also tells interesting fun facts regarding the human body parts.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 7 to 11 years
  • Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

8. Children’s Illustrated Encyclopedia

It is our number one choice of book from all the GK books for kids available in the market. This book is a treat to the eyes. It is an illustrated book full of beautiful and eye-catching images and photos. The book covers a huge range of such topics that will continuously cross a growing child’s mind. It talks about space, astronomy, anatomy, wildlife, ancient history, planets, inventions, discoveries and many such things.

The book, in a nutshell, has everything, in pictorial form, which a child would want to know. It is his go to book to get image and information on any and every topic.

How this book helps to improve GK?

This book helps young learners gaze upon beautiful images and learn new and innovative things.            It adds on to their curiosity and then they wish to learn more about the different things around them and about past as well.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 8 to 12 years
  • Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5

9. Knowledge Encyclopedia Ocean

This book dives into the world of water and talks about the different plants and animals that call it home. It tells you that the 70 per cent of the earth’s surface is covered in water. It also teaches and gives you important information related to water bodies and water animals, like fish, whales, octopuses, dolphins, etc.

Through this book, you learn about the anatomy and behaviour of these water animals. How they are able to deal with their watery habitat. The book takes its readers on a trip of water bodies and the other aquatic animals.

How this book helps to improve GK?

The book helps young learners in improving their GK by giving them loads of information regarding water bodies and animals. It tells them about how they live, what they eat and how they are able to survive in water.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 2 to 5 years
  • Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

10. Quiz Book for Clever Kids

general knowledge books for 11 year oldsThis is a quiz book to test the intelligence and knowledge of young kids. The book has a lot of quizzes for the children to attempt. It will check their aptitude. There are more than 600 questions in the book, based on infinite topics, like science, history, geography, nature and environment.

Most of all the quizzes given in the book are of objective type, such as true and false or multiple-choice questions, which will keep the child busy and occupied all the time.

How this book helps to improve GK?

This book helps young learners gain a lot of information on different subjects. They are also able to gauge their learning by solving the quiz; based on the three difficulty levels mentioned in the book.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 6 to 10 years
  • Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5

11. Student’s Encyclopedia of General Knowledge

This book helps you to improve your child’s Intelligent Quotient (IQ). The book is very valuable for all the growing children. It has topics ranging on different subjects, like sports, famous personalities, politics, politicians, etc. All the chapters of the book are given in an alphabetical order so they are easy to study and remember.

Also, an essential concept of the book is its part that has 100 amazing facts, which greatly interest the young readers. It acts as a guiding factor for the students when they wish to improve their general knowledge of all times.

How this book helps to improve GK?

This book helps young learners in improving their GK by teaching them relevant information on different topics. At the end of the book, they can verify their knowledge by attempting a quiz section given. This section has two hundred questions, which will help the learners become cleverer and street smart.

  • Best Suitable for Age: 5 to 16 years
  • Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5

10 Easy and Effective Tips to Improve Your Child’s General Knowledge

General knowledge is a very wide field. It comprises everything around us. It is fun as well as interesting. It teaches us new things and makes us aware of all the changes that are happening around us, all the time.

There are various ways by which you can improve your child’s general knowledge. Let us learn about ten easy and effective ways to do so.

  1. Show them sports: Tell the child about the different sports that are being played, how they are played and which countries of the world are the leaders of those sports. This will help develop the child’s knowledge of the sports and geography as well.
  2. Give them globe: Give a globe to the child and with its help teach him about the structure of the earth, lands, oceans, longitudes and latitudes. The globe will also teach the child about the different countries of the world and their capitals and important cities.
  3. Use visual aids: Show the child different videos available on the internet that explain the difficult topics, like solar system, water cycle or human body in an easy and interesting manner. This will help increase the child’s knowledge and creative skills too.
  4. General knowledge books: One of the best ways of improving a child’s general knowledge is by giving him books. You can refer to the books mentioned in this article for the purpose.
  5. Quiz programs: Quiz programs are one of the best options for teaching general knowledge to young kids. Encourage the child to answer the question, before the solution is given. This will make them think and curious to know the answer.
  6. Daily newspapers: Reading newspapers daily is the best way to stay updated on the current events. If a child is able to cultivate the habit of reading a newspaper, early in his life, then he will stayed updated on current affairs all his life.
  7. Social interaction: Interacting with friends and peers also increases the scope of general knowledge of a child. He gets to know a lot by talking with his friends. When friends get together they not only play but also exchange information, which improves their IQ.
  8. Museums and Libraries: Regular visits to museums and libraries also improve the general knowledge of the children. They learn a lot about art and history by visiting these places.
  9. Verbal discussion: Have a healthy verbal discussion with your child every day about various topics. This will teach him new things and make him curious enough to conduct research about those things.
  10. Websites: Nowadays, there are a lot of websites available online, which can help the kids get information about current affairs in a fun and easy manner.

Now, we know that the general knowledge is the subject that helps young children grow, on both personal as well as educational level. It changes the way they see things, understand them, and are able to assess the circumstances.

The many amazing GK books for kids available in the market act as a support for them in doing so, by teaching them about current affairs, nature, history, behaviour, future and space. Information on all these topics makes a child intelligent, smart, confident and one who is ready to face the world.

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