Kids Wardrobe or Drawer Set: What’s More Useful?

Kids nowadays have a stockpile of stuff. They generally have everything in abundance. More clothes than they can wear, more toys than they can play with and more pencils or colours than they need. This happens because parents tend to overindulge them. They do so due to various reasons. Sometimes to overcompensate for their loss of not being there for the child or just out of love and affection.

Whatever the reason might be, the result is always the same and that is too many things and very less space to keep them in, so in order to keep all the things of their children in proper condition and order, the parents buy kids wardrobe or drawer set, whatever they think will be more useful and helpful for their child.

Kids Wardrobe

Whenever the parents buy wardrobes for their kids, they tend to buy beautiful and colourful ones. Sometimes they even have designs of their favourite cartoon or characters. But what must be taken care of while buying a wardrobe for a child is how much space do you have at home and how much is required to keep all the clothes and stuff of the child.

Another important factor to consider is the cost. How much would a wardrobe cost and whether the parents want to spend that much amount on the child’s wardrobe or not. Or they would like to go to for a cheaper version.

A wardrobe is basically a standing closet used for keeping and hanging clothes and other related articles. It is very useful as it has a lot of space so clothes can be hung properly or folded neatly and kept in proper stacks. It is made of various metals, plastics and wood. Nowadays, cloth wardrobes are also available for young kids. These are very beautiful and attractive.

However, sometimes parents think that wardrobes are quite big for small kids and they take a lot of space as well. So, in that situation, they tend to go for small drawer sets.

Kids Drawer Set

A drawer set is a chest of drawers. It is typically a table with lots of drawers to keep different things. Each drawer of the set can be used individually to keep a different item; so in this way it will be convenient for the child to find his belongings on his own.

Such drawer sets are also within the child’s range so parents don’t need to constantly bother themselves if the child wants to take out something from his drawer.

So, we can see that both wardrobes and drawer sets are quite useful and helpful for a little child. However, let us see which is more useful and beneficial.

Kids Wardrobe or Drawer Set: What is More Useful?

Both wardrobe and drawer sets have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let us read about them.

  • In a wardrobe you can hang things neatly and properly but in a drawer set you cannot do so.
  • In a wardrobe all the items are visible the moment you open it, which is not the case with the drawer set.
  • In a drawer set, all the articles can be kept seperately, arranged neatly, which is not possible with the wardrobe.
  • With too many drawers in a set, a child might get confused about which article has been kept in which drawer.
  • Sometimes, a child might even hurt himself while closing or opening different drawers, which generally never happens with a wardrobe as it has only one door.

So, we have seen both the pros and cons of kids wardrobes and drawer sets and based on your preference you can choose whichever best suits your requirements.

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Kids wardrobes or drawer sets both help in arranging things and keeping them properly in a neat order. Whatever furniture one picks is always based on the space available at home and inside the furniture too. The design and cost are also to be taken under consideration.

Based on all these parameters whatever options a parent picks for his child will obviously be best for him/ her. It will teach him the importance of organising things neatly and keep them in a proper order.

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