[7] Ways To Help Adivasi Children for Taking Education

Education is very important for all the children. It helps them grow on all aspects and develop a positive attitude and confident demeanor and makes them ready for life. Education acts as a foundation for a successful life. A well-educated child knows what he wants to achieve in his life and how he should go about for getting what he want.

But, sadly, not every child gets the golden opportunity to study. Children in cities have proper schools to attend but those who live in rural and distantly remote areas are not able to do so. They do not have good schools and even they do they are, at times, so far away that they are unable to attend them, even if they want to.

Let us try to find out some ways by which we can help the adivasi children for taking education. Through these ways and methods, we will try to encourage these children for studying so that they are also able to progress in their life.

Problems of Tribal Education in India

Most of the scheduled tribes (STs) people in India are illiterate. They are unable to study and become literate due to the various reasons. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Age-old superstitions and traditional prejudices prevalent in their tribal society that prevent them from studying
  • Severe poverty among the tribal people
  • Nomadic way of life of some of the tribal people
  • They do not understand the language being spoken by the teachers so they lack the interest in studying
  • Unavailability of the appropriate teachers and all the related facilities in the distant remote and tribal areas

Factors Affecting Tribal Education

There are many factors that have constantly affected the tribal education. These factors act as a hindrance in the education of the tribal people and prevent them from studying and learning new things. A major factor is the constant nomadic life that these people are forced to lead due to the growing industrialization of all the areas.

Every time they have to relocate to a new area as their home gets snatched away by big industry giants and even if they had begun to go to school, they have to leave it and go to a new and different location.

Issues and Challenges of Education in Tribal Areas

There are many issues and challenges being faced by the people of these tribal areas in the field of education. Some of these challenges are as follows:

  • Schools are generally quite far away from these tribal areas. So, children have to travel and walk a very long distance.
  • For people of tribal areas school is not even a priority. It is a matter of availability and they think it is just a past time for the children.
  • Young children are, at times, under immense family pressure of doing things to help in the household instead of going to school or doing school work.
  • Children of the tribal families have a lot of responsibilities. They need to take care of their elders as well as younger sibling while their parents go out and work. So, they themselves are unable to go to school.

We just studied about all the difficult issues and challenges due to which the children of the tribal areas are unable to go to school and get proper education. Now, let us read about how we can help and encourage these children to take up education.

How to Help and Encourage Adivasi Children for Taking Education [7 Effective Ways]

Education opens the path of progress and success for all. It opens up the different avenues through which one is able to achieve new laurels. Those who are unable to study due to any reasons, they tend to lag behind in life. So, we must try to help and encourage everyone to study, especially the adivasi children.

We must tell them the importance of education and try to help the adivasi children for taking education. Given are the seven ways of doing so.

1. Tell Them The Importance of Education

We must tell the adivasi children and their parents the importance of education. Only if they understand the importance of something, they will try to include it in their lives. Once they get to learn how important education is for their kids, they want their kids to get it.

2. Build School Near The Tribal Homes

In order to ensure that the maximum number of tribal children attends the school, it should be built near their homes. This should be done so that they do not have to travel a long distance while trying to reach the school. Since, at times, it becomes a de-motivating factor for the parent as well as the child.

3. Teach Them in Their Own Language

Many tribal children stop going to school even after they start it because they are unable to understand the language in which they are taught. Being made to study in a different language becomes cumbersome for these kids, so they stop attending the school.

So, teaching them in their own language will act as an incentive for them to come to school.

4. Lucrative Benefits Like Mid-Day Meal

The adivasi children can be encouraged to come to school by giving them lucrative benefits, like mid-day meals. Since these children are very poor so the prospect of getting good food can act as a motivation, which can drag them to the school and make them get interested in education.

5. Teach Through Interesting and Innovative Ways

Children are always attracted to new and interesting things. So, if you try to teach them by using different creative techniques, like story telling or puppets, they will start to enjoy learning. They will then be more inclined to regularly come to school and would want to learn new things, on their own, without any one pushing them.

6. Education Gives Them a Chance To Enhance Their Art and Culture

The adivasi people (children as well as adults) are very attached to their culture. So, if you tell them that the education acts as a medium for them to be able to enhance and spread their art and culture in the world, then they will be more inclined to come to school to get education.

7. Help in Reducing Their Poverty

All the problems that the adivasi children face come from the fact that their parents are too poor. That is why they have to stay at home and do household work and take care of the elderly and the young kids.

We just read about the various ways in which the people can help the children of the adivasi community.  In their personal capacity, people can tell them the importance of education or teach them in their own language. They can also tell them that through education these kids will get an opportunity to enhance their art and culture and make the word aware about it.

However, organisations like NGOs or NPOs can help these tribal people by doing various things for them, like building schools or organising mid-day meals for small children.

If all these things happen then the children will be able to understand the importance of education and be more inclined to go to school and study.

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Why it is Important to Educate Tribal Children

The tribal people and their children are a part of our society and Indian culture. Although they live in the remote areas still they are integral to the unity of our country and its progress and growth. A country can only progress if all its citizens are well educated and of positive and progressive mind-set.

So, for the betterment of our society and progress of country we must ensure that all its citizens are not just literate but also well educated. Hence, we must ensure that the entire tribal clan understands the importance of education and becomes well learned and educated.

Final Thoughts

All the children of a country are its future; be they living in cities, towns, villages or remote areas. The tribal/ adivasi children are as much a part of our country’s future as are the others. However, these adivasi children live a bit far from the civilization so they are slightly behind in the process of learning and grooming.

So, we must make special efforts to ensure that the tribal children take up learning and become well educated in all aspects. The article discusses the various ways by which we can help the adivasi children for taking up education. If they do so then they will also progress and become better people and citizens of the country.

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