11 Amazing Greyhound Facts for Kids [UPDATED Facts]

interesting greyhound dog facts for kids

Greyhounds are probably the most ancient breed of dogs. They are mentioned in Bible and their carvings have been found in the caves of Egypt. There are many such interesting facts related to them.

Here we have tried to gather some of those greyhound facts for kids. We hope you and your kids will have fun reading it.

11 Most Interesting & Fun Facts about Greyhounds for Kids

Greyhounds can prove to be very suitable pets for your home. It is always suggested to adopt abandoned dogs and you can get a human-friendly retired greyhound as a family member. They are great as apartment dogs and can manage in small spaces as well.

1. Greyhounds rely mostly on their vision

Greyhounds are more dependent on their vision rather than their smell as compares to most dogs. Also, they do not have very good eyesight for stationary objects. As they were initially bred for hunting and chasing, they are more into moving objects.

They often fail to recognize objects that are not moving. They can run fast and at the same time spot the moving objects as well. They also have 270 degrees of vision, which means they can see some of what is behind their head.

2. Greyhound breeds are healthy breeds

Among all the purebred dogs, the greyhounds have perhaps the best health record. Their hereditary health records say so. Greyhounds are an ancient breed of dogs and it is surprising to see how they have generations of perfect health records.

They also have the highest Red Blood Cells count. That is the reason why they are so active. They are also the dog breed with the least fat and thin coat which makes them fast.

3. They are the fastest breed of dogs

Greyhounds are the fastest and the oldest breed of dogs. They can run an average of 43 miles per hour. Their skinny structure, muscular build, flexible spine, largest heart, double suspension gallop, and fast-twitch muscles help them run fast.

They were initially bred for coursing deers and later competition hares. In the early 18th century, Greyhound racing was introduced in England and the United States. Since then they are known as racing dogs.

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4. Greyhounds are good pets

Greyhounds are gentle animals. They are very friendly towards humans and children. They love to stay in packs with other dogs. Some of the breeds even like the company of other house pets under the same roof.

They are friendly towards strangers as well. It is always a good choice to adopt the retired racing greyhounds as they are often abandoned and killed.

5. Myths around the greyhounds

There are misconceptions surrounding greyhounds. They are considered hyperactive and aggressive but that is not the case. Greyhounds are pretty calm creatures. The retired ones can stay well in apartments with families.

They often do not bark at anyone. The pups get a little hyperactive if not trained properly. The adult ones do not need to exercise much. They do not have excess energy levels to get rid of.

6. Greyhounds are Biblical dogs

The only dog breed that is mentioned in the Bible is greyhounds. They are said to be originated in Europe. They are believed to be existing since 3000 years ago.

The breed was recognized as the official dog breed in 1885 by the American Kennel Club. Since then they are categorized as dogs and have been bred for coursing, racing, and kept as dogs.

7. They were considered Nobel dogs

The aristocrats were the only people in the Middle Ages, who were allowed to keep a greyhound as a pet dog. And in England, anyone held responsible for the death of a greyhound was straight away executed by law.

The first president of the United States, George Washington owned a greyhound named Cornwallis named after General Cornwallis.

8. They are quite the movie stars

The greyhounds have been starring in movies such as Good Will Hunting, Charlie Wilson’s War, and 50/50. They have also been the mascots of many universities and colleges in the United States.

The animated sitcom The Simpsons feature a greyhound as their family dog named Santa’s Little Helper. The Lincoln Motor Company also featured a greyhound as the hood ornament on their vehicles.

9. They need a proper diet

Since the greyhounds differ from each other, their diet varies depending on the metabolism, age, build, activity level, and weight. Those keeping greyhounds as pets should consider a highly nutritious diet for them including protein, fats, and calories.

Food such as chicken, eggs, meat, cooked potato, green beans, carrots, and cucumber are good. Fruits such as watermelon, banana, apples can be given.

10. They tend to whine rather than bark

We know that greyhounds are quiet animals. They tend to whine when they want to communicate with their human owners. If they want to be taken to walks or need to do some scheduled activities they will remind the owners through whining.

Most of the time, their whining does not mean anything serious but during their old age, it might be because they are suffering from some pain or disease. It is always better to visit a vet if they are whining more than usual.

11. They have a problem sitting and swimming

Neither do they love sitting, nor are they natural swimmers like other dog breeds. Due to their tight muscles, they have difficulty sitting down. They would rather stay standing or lay down in a comfortable position.

They also need swimming lessons before they can play along with you in the water as they happen to drown otherwise. But they can do better with some training.

Different Types of Greyhounds

There are more than one or two types of Greyhounds found. Some are bigger, whereas some are smaller. Some even have furs.

The standard greyhounds are the ones with which all the other types are compared since they are the popular ones. We have listed nine different types of Greyhounds below with their characteristics:

1. Standard Greyhound

They are the most friendly and most popular pets. They are very quiet as well. They have a fast metabolism and low energy levels. They can sleep up to 16 hours a day.

They love to stay in packs. They need attention and suffer anxiety when left alone. They are good in families with kids.

2. Spanish Greyhound

They are like the standard greyhounds and come in different colors but the most common of them are grey and white or black and white. They are thought to be the oldest greyhounds. They are friendly and love to be in the company of their own kind.

3. Italian Greyhound

These are the smallest among the greyhound breeds. They have more energy in comparison to the standard greyhound. They are friendly but are more of a domestic rather than a hunting dog. They can get friendly with other pets in the house as well.

4. Afghan Hound

Afghan hounds have long flowing coats of fur covering their body. Their body type is similar to that of the standard greyhounds. They used to be hunting dogs and were bred to survive in the cold mountains of Afghanistan. Now they are more used as show dogs.

5. Arabic Greyhound

They have thicker legs and wider stature in comparison to the standard greyhounds. They love a wider space to live in and do not need much attention. Although they love to go for walks.

They come in only tan or grey colors. They are used as guard dogs in Africa for farms as they are loud.

6. Russian Greyhound

Also goes by the name “Borzoi”, these are larger than the standard breed. The body structure is the same except for the long and thick coat. They are friendly, energetic and needs a lot of attention and space.

They are very easy to train. They are loyal and prove to be great pets in larger homes.

7. Persian Greyhound

These are one of the oldest types of greyhounds found. They have long, coarse fur. Their ears hang long by their face. The body structure is the same as the standard ones.

They have more of an independent personality. They prove to be better pets to families who have packed schedules as they do not need much attention.

8. Whippets

They are slightly smaller than the standard greyhounds. Apart from that, they look alike. They are most common in Britain at present. They are very fast due to their thin body and elevated muscle density.

They take part in dog races frequently. They are friendly and are energetic. They love to stay in packs with other dogs.

9. Scottish Deerhound

They are much larger than the other breeds of greyhounds. They were bred to chase down deers in Scottish Highlands. They have wider faces and thicker set bones.

They have thick hair to protect them from cold. They are friendly as other greyhounds and love to be near other dogs.

Greyhound Facts for Kids Video

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are greyhounds known for?

They are known for coursing deers and competition hares.

Are greyhounds good with kids?

Most of the greyhounds are kids and human friendly but children under four years should be supervised near them.

How big are greyhounds?

The racing greyhounds grow up to be 25 – 29 inches tall and the show greyhounds grow 26 – 30 inches tall in height.

Where do greyhounds come from?

They have origins in Great Britain.

How long does a greyhound live?

They can live up to 10 – 15 years.

How fast can a greyhound run?

The racing greyhounds can run an average of 40 miles per hour.

Can greyhounds see in the dark?

They have incredible eyesight in the dark.

Why are greyhounds so skinny?

The greyhounds are skinny because their coat and skin are very thin. This is to make them fast.

What is the rarest greyhound color?

Grey is the rarest of all the colors found in greyhounds.

So these were some fun greyhound dog facts for kids. Now you have some good knowledge about them and can consider taking one home as a pet. You can choose one that best suits your schedule as some are attention seekers whereas some feel fine with the setting of your home.

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