11 Fun Activities to do with Kids at Night [Must Check #5]

Family time is always fun. Being together, spending time with each other is what makes the members of the family happy. No matter how big or small your family is, there are always plenty of things and activities to do when you are all together.

These activities become more interesting at nights when the entire clan gets together. All the members of the family sit together, talk and have fun. They sometimes play different kinds of games or also do various kinds of activities. Certain such things make children very happy and excited however there might be some things or activities that might scare little children as well. To find out, which things scare your child at night, please read our article Things that Might Scare Your Child at Night.

However, instead of negative, let us focus on positive and read about fun things to do with our children at night.

11 Fun Activities to do with Kids at Night | Awesome Nighttime Activities

Doing something innovative and creative is always fun. Children love such kind of creative activities. They especially love it more when members of the family are involved with them in playing these games. So, now let us try to find out about some of the fun and creative activities and things that we can do with our kids at nights.

These activities will help them become more alert, aware of their surroundings and gain worldly knowledge too.

1. Flashlight Playing games

Flashlight Playing games

We all play games around the house. However, these games become more interesting when they are played with the help of a flashlight at night. Some such games could be like, hide-and-seek or peek-a-boo. Young kids love such interesting games.

How this activity helps children

This activity makes the children think on the spot and help them develop quick-thinking skills.

2. In-house movie night

You could plan and have a movie night at the house. The atmosphere for the movie can be created inside the house. This can be done by moving the couch or drawing room’s furniture at one side.

This will create a sitting space in which all the house members will sit on pillow or cushions or mattresses to watch the movie as planned.

How this activity helps children

This activity helps the children gain information on the topic the movie is about and also helps them bond with the family.

3. Stargaze

Night Stargaze

All the kids and grownups are attracted by stars. So, gazing at stars makes up for one of the top-most favourite night time activity of the kids. At any one night all the members of the family can go outside or sit in the balcony and spend some time in star gazing and looking at the night sky.

How this activity helps children

This activity will teach the children about space and astronomy. They will learn about the different stars, planets and moons of the universe.

4. Outside camping

Outside camping

One night the whole family can take their sleeping bags and make a camp in the open space. They can sleep under the night sky and feel the night breeze. It will be quite an adventure for the entire family.

How this activity helps children

This activity will help the children and adults to reconnect with the natural world.

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5. Shadow puppet

Fun Activities to do with Kids at Night Shadow puppet

With the help of a flashlight, a part of a wall can be highlighted. Try to make different kinds of creatures through the light, like a rabbit, swan or dog. The elders can manage the flashlight and make the animals while the children can enjoy the show. It will lead to equal participation from all the people.

How this activity helps children

This activity will teach the children about the specification of various animals, like rabbits have long ears or dogs have big tails and sharp teeth and swans have beautiful wings.

6. Watching Fireflies

Night games for kids catching Fireflies

Watching fireflies or catching them is every child’s dreams. It is an activity that will be one of the most beautiful memories of his lifetime. So, parents can teach the child how to catch the fireflies with the help of a glass jar. But the parents should also teach the child to be kind to the fireflies and release them after sometime.

How this activity helps children

This activity will help the children learn some cool facts about the fireflies that their parents might explain to them.

7. Dance party

On a weekend or holiday night, you could have a dance party at your house. This could be done by using a speaker that has built-in light inside it or a disco ball.  Some amount of makeup could also be applied on the children’s faces.

How this activity helps children

This activity will help the children develop their dancing skills and also they would be excited and very happy to use make up.

8. Story night

kids Story night

Have a story night at your house. Tell all the family members that they each have to tell a new story that no one has heard before. From the kids to the eldest member of the family all have to tell stories.

How this activity helps children

This will be interesting activity and help the children and elderly unravel their creativity.

9. DIY Night

Fun Things To Do With Kids At Nighttime DIY

Collect all the waste or broken material available in the house but ensure that none of it can harm anyone, like has sharp ends or edges. Then, ask all the family members to come together and sit in a circle.

In between the circle, on a table or stool keep all the material collected and then tell them to use their creativity and make something from the material in front of them.

How this activity helps children

This activity will bring out the hidden inventiveness of all the family members.

10. Night stroll

Depending on how the weather it is, you can take the entire family out on a night time stroll. They can all go to a nearby park or ice cream place. This night walks could turn out to be quite pleasant experiences as the entire family walking together can discuss the day’s happening and how each person spent their day.

How this activity helps children

This activity will increase bonding, affection and love between the family members.

11. Night picnic

Instead of the usual dinner one night have a picnic themed dinner with your family. You can arrange it on your balcony or backyard or garden with lights and all. The food items could comprise one of each family member’s liking. At such a time, families can play small star gazing games, like guessing the names of the stars or planets visible.

How this activity helps children

This activity will be a great time for the entire family to spend some together and also increase the child’s knowledge based on the games the family plays.

Tips for Strengthening a Parent-Child Relationship

Parenting is quite a fulfilling and demanding task. It brings out the best and the worst in a person. All the parents of the world would do anything and everything possible if they think it will be good for their kids. They should try to engage the kids in different types of fun activities with them.

Every parent wants their children to be honest with them and tell them everything about themselves. This can be done if they have pretty strong relations with their children. Some of the tips for strengthening a parent-child relationship are as follows:

  1. Always support the child if he needs your help emotionally.
  2. Be there for your child in all his successes and failures.
  3. Build a healthy and happy parent-child relationship so that it might have positive outcomes for the child
  4. Love your child unconditionally and do not be overly strict with him.
  5. Help him overcome any and all kinds of stress, if he faces them.
  6. Play different kinds of games with the children.
  7. Do different kinds of activities with your children to increase the bonding with them.


Activities that a child does with his family pave way for cementing his relation with his parents. Especially when they do fun activities at night together then the families tend to get closer and become happier and comfortable with each other.

So, in order to strengthen the family bonds, parents should constantly encourage such fun activities.

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