11 Key Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Kids

Extracurricular activities are those activities that do extra benefits for the young kids. They help in a child’s physical as well as mental growth. Such activities are very important for a child’s all over development and well being. They assist in building his character as well as assist in making him self-reliant and independent.

If you wish to know about some of the extracurricular activities that are best for your kids, you can refer to our article Best Extracurricular Activities for Preschool Kids. The extracurricular activities given in this article are very beneficial for the young kids. Let us learn more about the benefits of extracurricular activities for little kids.

11 Key Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Kids for All-round Development

Extracurricular activities are very beneficial and fruitful for a child’s all round progress and development. It is advantageous for a child in many ways. Let us study about the eleven major benefits of the extracurricular activities for the kids that help in their all-round development.

1. Educational Performance

Doing extracurricular activities like reading books or making blocks with numbers or letters written on them enhances a child’s academic performances. Through this manner, he is able to constantly improve his learning and as a result performs exceptionally well in his academics.

2. Boost self-confidence

Being able to do various extracurricular activities successfully boosts a child’s self-confidence. He realises that if he is able to do these activities then he will be able to do other things in his life, as well. It makes him happier as well.

3. Development of new Skills

Being able to perform different extracurricular activities enhances a child’s abilities and helps them in learning new skills. Every time he does a new extracurricular activity, the child learns a new set of skills, sometimes it could be singing while at other times it could be dancing or some other new skill.

4. Wider reach of Social Skills

A major benefit of the extracurricular activities is that it helps the kids broaden their social interaction skills. Since, most of the extracurricular activities require interaction with people or peers so the social skills of the child are developed and enhanced due to his regular participation in them.

5. Build up Thinking Skills

Most of the extracurricular activities require for the kids to think and analyse before they are able to complete them. They need to think their way through. Such activities make the kids rack their brains and analyse the situation, reflect on the pros and cons. Only then will they be able to complete the activity.

6. Time Management

The different extracurricular activities teach a child how to manage his time in a proper manner. Through such activities a child is able to learn how to lead his group or participate in it and balance between different things by devoting equal time to everything.

7. Grooming

The major benefit of extracurricular activities is that through it a child is able to groom himself. He learns various important things, like setting goals, willing to participate and work in a team and public speaking. Extracurricular activities also assist a child in overcoming his hesitation while interacting with his friends.

8. Understand the Concept of Commitment

While participating in the different types of extracurricular activities a child develops in him the ability to understand and fulfill all his commitments. This sense of commitment makes them responsible, which will definitely help them in their future life.

9. Explore new Things

While participating in the various types of extracurricular activities, children get to know about the different activities, which give them an opportunity to learn new things about their world.

10. Personal Growth

The most important benefit of the different extracurricular activities is that they help the children to grow personally. While doing these activities the children begin to take care of their friends, start to be nice and respectful towards them. These activities help them develop a positive attitude towards life.

11. New habits of Sharing and Caring

Through the extracurricular activities, the child begins to inculcate in himself the habit of sharing things with others and caring about them too.

Why are Extracurricular Activities so Important for Children?

We just read about the benefits of the extracurricular activities. Now, let us read about how important these are in context with children and their development or progress.

Extracurricular activities are very important for a child’s all round development. They help him become sure of himself and understand about the concept of time management. Children who take part in different types of extracurricular activities tend to be good in their studies as well.

These activities make a child more relaxed and reduce their stress. They help him master his life and making him more humble, self-assured and motivated towards helping others. They also teach him to be a part of a team instead of just wanting to be with oneself.

Should I Force My Child to do Extracurricular Activities?

No, a parent should never force his child to do anything he does not want to do. If a child likes to do something then he will definitely do it but if he does not like doing something then forcing him to do so would be unfair on the parent’s part.

A child should always be able to express his views and tell his parents or teachers about what he wants to do and what not. Having a say in things, no matter how big or small they are, makes a child feel important, wanted and special. All these characteristics are very important for a child’s character.

So, parents should always consider his child’s choice in the matter of which extracurricular activity does he wants to do and which not and why is it so.

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Final Thoughts

Based on what we just read, we can safely assume that the extracurricular activities are very important and beneficial for the young kids. There are numerous benefits of extracurricular activities for kids. Many of them have been discussed in the article.

All these activities help a child in becoming a better person by refining his character, physically as well as mentally. It not just keeps them busy during their free time but also grooms and teaches them different important lessons that will impact their future life in an optimistic manner.

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